How To Build a Pay-for-Use Website

In a pay-for-use website, members subscribe and pay a monthly fee to gain access to the website’s content. In this article you will get tips on how to build a pay-for-use website.

  1. Think of a concept for your website. The Internet is accessed by millions of people around the world, so just think about how stiff the competition is out there. You have to think about something current yet unique and will catch your reader’s attention. Once you have a clear concept on what your website will be all about, get yourself a reliable web host. You can find free web hosts online, but if you will need a big space for your website, you can get an affordable web hosting plan that will meet your needs. Try checking out the plans offered by
  2. Gather followers for your website. You need to create good traffic for your website. In order for you to do this, you have to regularly update the site's content and keep your posts interesting. Don’t depend on posting just text content. Spice it up by adding pictures, videos and other media. Apart from the content, making your web page visitors feel welcome is also an important factor. Your website layout should be appealing and easy to navigate. Make sure to always reply to comments and posts from your visitors. Remember that these people are the one’s that you should be pleasing so you can gain them as members/followers.
  3. Take baby steps in transforming your site to a pay-for-use website. You don’t just set up a pay-for-use website outright. As mentioned earlier, you need to gather loyal followers to your website first who can be your first group of subscribers. Interact with your loyal followers and let them know what your plans are and what they will get once you go pay-for-use. You can conduct a survey to know if they will be willing to subscribe and pay for the content you will offer in your website. Get their feedback on the overall feel of your website, and what you can do to improve your website content.
  4. Invest on user management software. If the response of your loyal followers is positive and you get the green light to upgrade to a pay-for-use website, make sure that you invest on user management software. User management software will make it easier for you to manage the content of your website as well as the information of all your subscribers.

Even after you have successfully launched your pay-for-use website, it doesn’t mean that it ends there. Make sure that you give back to your subscribers and that you exceed their expectations. Your pay-for-use website will continue to prosper as long as you keep your subscribers happy.


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