How To Build a WiMax Network

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WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. This provides wireless communication access to users in an area that it covers. WiMax technology provides broadband wireless access, and because it is cheaper to set up and is portable, it is widely used around the world where telecommunications technology is not available. Because some units are portable they can be easily set up anywhere that it is needed. In times of natural calamities where telecommunications are drastically affected, WiMax network technology can be brought in to help provide communications access.

WiMax indoor and outdoor units.
There are WiMax units that you can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can have a WiMax unit installed in your home, office or establishment. The indoor unit will have some frequency loss though and the signal will be a lot weaker in some distances. You will cover a shorter range when you use this type of unit in a closed structure. It would also mean that you might have to use several base stations if you are going to cover a large area like a building. The outdoor unit covers a longer range and is more economical to set up.

Buy from reliable sources.

Make sure you buy your WiMax from a reliable company that can offer the best after sales service. You can go on the Internet and look for reviews about a particular WiMax manufacturer and distributor. Join forums so you can get more information about a specific WiMax brand and learn more about the technology. You can post your questions and provide information on how and where you want to use the WiMax technology so other users on the forum can give you suggestions.

Decide what kind of WiMax system to purchase.
Plan where you want to set up the WiMax system. If you plan to do an indoor installation then you will be getting the fixed type. Locate where you want to place the WiMax device then determine how much interference it will be getting. Since you are doing an indoor installation there will be a lot of interference so you just have to look for the best spot. There are different WiMax system bands to select from like the 802.16-2004 WiMax with 3.5GHz band and 5.8GHz band and the 802.16e WiMax with 2.3GHz band and 2.5GHz band.

Get training and installation certification.
To set up the WiMax installation you need to be certified. You can get training for this from WiMax training centers. You can search online for one that is in your area or find online training resources. When you have become certified you can set up the WiMax system on your own. Otherwise have a certified installer do it for you.

WiMax network technology is only beginning to become popular worldwide and more places that have limited resources and cannot avail of expensive communication technology systems will greatly benefit from it.


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