How To Burn a DVD from a Dish Network DVR

Dish Network is one of the leading providers of direct broadcast satellite. One of their offers includes a receiver with internal Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that you can use to record about 100 hours of your favorite shows. However, you can easily use up the 100 hours or so capacity of the DVR, and wouldn’t it be better to copy them on a DVD instead of erasing them to make way for new video recordings? Most DVR models though cannot be recognized by computers as an external drive, and in rare cases that they do, it will involve a lot of effort and use of a number of video editing software, or an upgrade to a newer DVR model. You can, however, still burn a DVD from your Dish Network DVR with the use of a DVD recorder. In this article we will discuss how you can do just that.

  1. Purchase a DVD recorder and blank DVD’s. Get yourself a DVD recorder and make sure to double check what type of blank DVD it will require. There are different kinds of DVD’s, such as a DVD+R and a DVD-R so make sure that you purchase the correct one or else the DVD burning process will not work.
  2. Read the manual of the DVD recorder you purchased. Get yourself acquainted with the buttons and functions of the DVD recorder you purchased. Make sure that you understand the specific steps outlined on the DVD recorder manual.
  3. Connect the DVD recorder to the DVR. Locate the DVR’s audio and video ouput, as well as the DVD recorder’s audio and video input. Connect the DVR and DVD recorder together with the use of a cable jack which are usually color-coded yellow, red and white. Connecting the input and output jacks of both devices should be based on the colors.
  4. Record the video on your blank DVD. Turn on the DVD recorder and insert a blank DVD, then power on the television, and the Dish Network DVR. Play the video from the DVR that you want to burn and then press the ‘Record’ button on the DVD recorder. The DVD burning process will be the same length as the video you will transfer, so if it’s a one hour video, then the DVD burning process will also take one hour.

Once the DVD burning process is complete, play the DVD and see if the recording was successful. If you have any questions, always check with Dish Network’s Customer Service. Remember to also get updates and tips on how you can burn the DVR’s content using a computer’s DVD burner, or if there are any upgrades that you have to subscribe to which can help you accomplish such task.


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