How To Burn a Rap Mix CD

Mixing your own Rap mix CD is made easy through iTunes features. Read on to get some tips on how to burn a Rap Mix CD.

  1. Create a list of Rap songs that you will use in your Rap mix CD. Write down all of the Rap songs you want to include in your Rap mix CD so that you don't forget a title later when you search for the songs.
  2. Search for the Rap songs in your list via iTunes. Open iTunes in your computer and look for the Rap songs you have in your list. Go to the ‘Library’ and click on the ‘Browse’ button from the top right portion of the window. Type in all the Rap songs that you have written earlier in Step 1, add them to your Library, close the Search window and go back to the main iTunes window.
  3. Create a playlist of all the Rap songs you have added in your Library. Go to ‘Fil’e from the Menu bar, select ‘New Playlist’ and then assign a name for that playlist. Now access the Rap songs in your Libray and drag and drop them to the new playlist. Arrange the Rap songs however you want it, by clicking and dragging the songs to its designated order.
  4. Edit the gap between the Rap songs. By default, iTunes inserts two seconds pause between each song in your playlist once you burn it, but you can change still change it between zero to five seconds. To change it, go to ‘Preferences’ from the Menu bar, select ‘Advanced’ and click on the ‘Burning’ tab. From the dropdown for ‘Gap Between Songs’, choose the number of seconds you want between each Rap song.
  5. Burn your Rap Mix CD. Insert a blank CD in your CD burner and then click on the ‘Burn Disc’ button at the bottom of the window. The ‘Burn Settings’ window will appear showing you three options, ‘Audio CD’, ‘MP3 CD’ and ‘Data CD or DVD’. In this tutorial we will choose option 1, ‘Audio CD’ because it’s the burning setting that will allow you to create a Rap mix CD that can be played on any standard CD player. Choose ‘Audio CD’ then click on the ‘Burn’ button.

Wait for iTunes to complete the burning process of your Rap mix CD. This may take a few minutes, and it is also recommended that you close any active programs in the computer to avoid interruptions in the burning process. Once it is done, a CD icon should appear on the Source list, and just click ‘Eject’ at the bottom of the list. Check if it’s working well by playing it on a CD player, and then you’re good to go.


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