How To Burn an ISO File to DVD Using CloneDVD2

ISO files can be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive like Alcohol 120% but if you want to save the ISO image permanently on a disk, you can do so by burning the image file to a DVD using CloneDVD2. The following are steps on how to accomplish burning the ISO image into a DVD.

  1. Grab a copy of CloneDVD2 installer. Download the latest version of the installer from SlySoft’s official website, You can try the software free for 21 days but beyond that, you will need to purchase a license key to continue using the software. Once your download completes, immediately install the software
  2. Have the ISO file you want to burn ready on hand. Be sure to save it in an accessible folder, preferably the desktop, so that would make it easy for you to locate it when you are ready to burn the file.
  3. Pop a blank DVD on your DVD burner. You can use DVD +DL, -DL, +R or -R, as long as it’s compatible with your DVD burner.
  4. Launch the CloneDVD2 program. When you installed the CloneDVD2 program, and you did not “Customize” the installation options, a desktop icon would be made. So all you have to do to launch the program is go to your desktop, locate the CloneDVD2 icon, highlight the icon and left click on it. In case you chose not to add the desktop icon when you installed the software, you can access it via the Start Menu. Here are the instructions on how to launch CloneDVD2 from the Start Menu. Populate Start Menu by hitting the “Start” button. Still using your mouse, highlight “Programs” if you’re using the Classic Start Menu. If using the Standard Start Menu, then highlight “All Programs”. Look for “Elaborate Bytes”, and hover your mouse on top of it to expand the item. Inside it, you will find the folder “CloneDVD2”. Highlight that folder using your mouse and again, it will expand to another sub menu where you will see the icon for the program “CloneDVD2”. Left click on the icon to launch the program.
  5. Begin the DVD authoring process. From the CloneDVD2 pane, hit “Write Existing Data”. This is found on the lower right hand corner of the window. This will take you to the “Source and Output Method” page. Under “Source”, select the radio button next to “ISO/UDF image”. Expand the drop down button below it and see if the ISO file you intend to burn is listed under it. If it is not, you can browse for it by pressing the “Browse” button next to the drop down menu. This will populate the “ISO/UDF image to process” dialogue box. Search for the file, highlight it, and hit “Open” to pull it up inside CloneDVD2. Next, under “Output method”, hit the “ISO/UDF image” button. Remove “Video_DVD” from the volume label’s text field then type in the name you want the volume to have. To complete the process, press the “Go” button.

Wait until the program is done burning the DVD. When it’s complete, test if the burned ISO file is working correctly.


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