How To Burn AVI Files to DVDs

Whether you are a video pirate downloading illegal film copies off the net or simply recording various home movie episodes with your digital camcorder, then is highly like that you encounter movie or video clips using the .AVI extension. This has become one of the standard formats for compressed videos. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and is a format that dictates how both audio and video streams should be compressed and stored. The playback of these files can be done through your computer and through selected AVI ready video players however, if you are looking to improve its quality and convert it to a full blown DVD copy, then here are some tips to help you get it done.

  • Plug in the source. Video sources (Camcorder, camera, etc) come with standard cables that can easily be connected to computers. The most common cables would be the USB and the firewire cables. Once the connection has been detected by your computer, you’re ready for the next step. Skip this process if the AVI file is already saved on your computer.
  • Do the transfer. From your video source, transfer the AVI files to your computer. Keep in mind though that downloading video files may take some time especially the video file is large and of high quality.
  • Use the software. Now that the AVI files have been downloaded, you would need to open your video editing software and import the AVI files into its library. There are many video editing and converting applications available in the market; it depends on your preference which one would suit your editing needs. Now that the AVI files have been saved in the software’s library, you could make different DVDs using the same file over and over again.
  • Edit if necessary. You can now edit your AVI files and have fun doing it in the process. Usually, the first thing people edit would be to remove the unwanted footage. Here is the fun part where you can add effects to your footage especially on transitions. You can also mix and match other AVI files to create an uninterrupted video stream.
  • Always be saving. Keep in mind to always save your edited video files when possible, you wouldn’t want waste your hard work in case of a power shortage. Just to be safe, save. Edited versions of your file can be saved either as a new AVI file or as a DVD project. Since your main goal is to convert and burn the AVI into DVD format, then you will want to proceed with that in mind.
  • Create the DVD. With the files you have created, you would need to import this to your DVD authoring software. This process would allow AVI files to be viewed to a DVD player once the burning process is completed. With the DVD authoring software, you can now create a DVD menu and control the recopying of the content.
  • Burn it. When everything is set, you can now burn your project onto a blank DVD. Once completed, you will be able to watch your home videos on your DVD player.

Converting and burning your AVI video files onto a DVD has really never been this easy. This being said, whether you are a pirate or simply want to back up your home videos on DVD, this process will definitely help you through it.


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