How To Burn Copy-Protected DVDs

There are films that capture your imagination so much that you take in the whole movie experience like buying merchandise. Merchandise from shirts, toys, mugs and caps are game hunt but not as important as the DVD release of the film. The DVD release contains the full version of the film, the edited out scenes, the director’s commentary, the artist’s commentary and the behind the scenes video. But DVDs or CDs do not last forever.

DVDs fade and with frequent use scratcs easily. That is why it is important to make a back-up of the DVD. Here are some tips on how to burn copy-protected DVDs.

  • Before you burn. Make sure you have the following to ensure your burn the copy-protected DVD properly, Computer equipped with a working DVD burner, spare blank DVDs for burning, a software that copies DVD, a ripper software for DVDs, DVD decrypter, DVD Shrink and of course the DVD you want to copy. It is also useful to have a secure and strong Internet connection.
  • DVD software hunt. You cannot copy DVDs without a DVD copying software. To get one, go online and input on the search bar key words like DVD copy, Software for DVD copying, or DVD copy software. Open the links on different tabs of your browser so you can compare and contrast the different software you have found. It is ideal to find software that is free for downloading. It is also of great help if it is easy to use, for example copying takes place with just a click of the mouse. DVD software programs with DVD ripper or DVD decryption features will go a long way. The copy protection feature of the DVD you want to copy stands no chance against these code breakers. If you have chosen the right software, it is time to download. Make sure that you scan for viruses before you use the software.
  • Crippled by ripper? If the DVD copying software you chose does not have a DVD ripper, you will no need to get a separate DVD ripper. Simply go online again. Then type in key words like DVD rip, ripper software, or DVD ripper in your Internet search bar. You can also get a DVD ripper from a local computer store near you. After securing the DVD ripper, install. Upon installation, the DVD ripper will sync with the DVD copy software. With the DVD copy software and DVD ripper set you are now ready to go pass the copy protect feature of the DVD you want to burn.
  • The copy-protected DVD burning detour. There is another way to copy your copy-protected DVD. Instead of using DVD copy software and DVD ripper you can use the DVD decrypter. The DVD decrypter is a two-in-one gear. It already has the capability to bypass the copy protect feature of your desired DVD. Then it can also copy it. The major difference is it saves the data in your computer’s hard drive and not in a DVD. You can watch your saved file on your computer or you can burn it on a DVD. This technique is not as direct as using the DVD copy software and the DVD ripper, but it sure is very effective.

Now you can create backups for your favorite DVDs. But make sure you copy only for back up purposes.


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