How To Burn DVDs

A digital versatile disk or also known as DVD is a type of optical disc that is used by many types of modern appliances today. DVDs are commonly used in DVD players, video players and computers. The main function of a DVD or digital video disc is for data and video storage. Almost all types of DVD's have the same dimension as normal CD's or compact disc. The difference between a normal compact disc from a DVD is that the DVD can store more than six to eight times much data than a normal compact disc. There are certain types of DVD's. Some of them are:

  • DVD-R. This format of DVD is use to record data's such as video, audio, data file and images. The standard capacity of a DVD-R is 4.71 GB (gigabytes). Remember that the data's recorded to a DVD-R cannot be overwritten. Unlike the DVD-RW or digital versatile disc rewritable. The digital video disc recordable can be written with the speed of 6 to 8 times
  • DVD-RW. The DVD-RW format is a rewritable DVD that has the same storage capacity like DVD-R. Obviously, the difference between the DVD-R format and a DVD-RW is that the data stored in DVD-RW can be erased and you can record new data. You may also use the DVD-RW disc more than 1000 times before buying a new one. The DVD-RW is often used for long video recording purposes. This is due to fast writing speed and larger storage capacity. The advantage in using a DVD-RW is that when you have writing errors, you can always overwrite your work unlike the DVD-R which you can only store data once. The
  • DVD-RW2. This is a new format of DVD that has dual layer for large capacity. This new type of DVD-RW cannot be used by older type of DVD recorders. Using a DVD-R or DVD-RW requires certain types of software and a DVD-ROM that used for burning DVD's. 

Here's how you can burn multimedia files to a DVD:

  1. Burning multimedia files to a DVD is like burning a data file into a DVD. A multimedia file is usually a larger than normal data file. To burn multimedia files into a DVD, you need to have DVD burner software installed in your computer.
  2. Usually you can download free trial burning software over the Internet. This trial version of the software is limited to be utilized only up to 30 days. Once you installed a burning software to your computer, put the DVD-R or DVD-RW into DVD-ROM (The DVD-ROM should have a writing and recording functions).
  3. Once the DVD is inserted, open the burning software you have in your computer. Then browse the file, image or videos you want to be copied into the DVD using the add browse button.
  4. Once you add the file, you can choose what writing speed is going to be used by your burning application. This can be 6 to 18 times of recording speed depending on your DVD-ROM.
  5. Once you finish choosing the writing speed of your burning application, the burning or recording process will automatically start. If successful, your DVD-R will automatically eject from the DVD-ROM drive.


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