How To Burn DVDs from AVI Files with DVD Flick

Video file sharing is a big thing nowadays. Almost every one if not all has had their share of sharing a video may it be a home video, a phone camera video, a movie video, or a downloaded video. The tricky part is how to put their video in to a DVD so they can share it to friends and family. There are many ways to burn videos in to a DVD.

Not all means however are worth it. Consumers will find expensive options that give them features that are way beyond their needs and their means. There are programs like DVD flick that gives you what you need for free. Here are some tips on how to burn DVD video files using DVD Flick.

  • Minimum requirements. To start burning video files into DVD you will need a movie or video file to burn, DVD Flick application, DVDs and a computer that can burn DVDs.
  • DVD Flick is yours to pick. You cannot start burning DVD video for free without DVD flick. Go to DVD Flick’s developer’s webpage. Download DVD Flick in to your computer. Scan for any viruses. If the coast is clear, install DVD Flick. You can see that during the course of downloading and installing you are not asked for your credit card number. Obviously, DVD Flick is free for all to use.
  • Click the DVD Flick. Upon installation of DVD Flick, create a short cut icon on your desk top. To start the DVD Flick, double-click the desk top icon. DVD Flick can also be found and started in the Start Menu’s Programs folder. DVD Flick is both free and easy to use.
  • Insert to play. To let the magic of burning begin, insert the DVD. Be sure that your computer’s disc drive can write on DVDs. It is also practical to label the DVD before you start the burning. This way your DVD will pop out ready to play.
  • From computer to DVD. To start transferring the video file into the DVD, toggle Add Title of the DVD Flick window. Afterwards, browse your computer for the file you would like to burn. Click it and then click Open so you can start burning. A little tip, before you even start burning, make sure you have labeled your movie, camera phone, or whatever video. In doing so, it is now easier to look for your file and burn it. Burning the wrong file is such a waste of time and waste of DVD. So find the time and exert a little effort in labeling your files properly.
  • Now, repeat to complete your DVD. To finish off your DVD burning project, keep repeating the loading process until you have put all the videos you want in your DVD. Just check the DVD’s capability to hold files. Bear in mind to put in just the right amount of video in terms of Mega Bytes.
  • Signed, burned and ready for use. If you are done choosing and loading videos, it is time to toggle create DVD.

Using DVD Flick is easy, cheap and very practical to say the least. Enjoy and use it responsibly.


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