How To Buy a Badge Holder Online

IDs – almost everybody uses them at one point or another. Office workers, conference attendees, trade show participants, students. And the list goes on. Badge holders are used to hold these ID’s and to enable their owner to display them prominently.

If you yourself are in need of a badge holder, don’t fret! There are so many available ones both in your local supply store and online. The best thing about searching for badge holders online (apart from you won’t have to do any legwork and you could save up on gas and transportation) is that you could easily compare between prices, styles and models. So if you’re interested in finding out how to buy a badge holder online, read on:

First of all, you should know of the websites that offer different badge holders. Some of these websites include and Try out school and office supply stores’ websites such as and, major chains such as and as well as trade sites such as Nextag, ebay and amazon. If you’re not able to find products under the category “badge holder”, try out “ID holder” instead.

When looking for badge holders online, know that some websites accept only wholesale orders. For example, Officemax offers products in boxes of 25 to boxes of 400. This is a great option for you if you are the event planner and you really intend to buy lots of badge holders.

Once you’ve browsed through these websites, decide upon the badge holder style that you would prefer. Badge holder styles depend mostly on how they are attached to garments, their orientation (landscape or portrait), their size and their appearance. Let’s take a look at the attachment options first: for example, some badge holders are clip-style and pin-style (attached to garments through clips and pins), as well as lanyard-style. Some available badge holders, however, don’t have any attachments; they simply hold IDs, and you could buy a separate lanyard of your choice, which you would hook through the badge holder’s slot. 

The other considerations, such as the size and orientation, would rely on the ID itself. That’s why it’s very important that before you purchase your badge holder, you should know first how big your ID is and whether it is vertically or horizontally oriented. Once you learn these details, you could confidently make your choice.

Most products you would see would be transparent plastic badge holders, since it’s important that the ID or badges be easily seen through the holders. These plastic are usually made of vinyl.

Apart from these basic badge holder considerations, know of some other options available. For example, consider purchasing magnetic badge holders, which are attached by magnet to garments. This would avoid any damage to clothing, and since these magnets are shielded, it won’t cause damage to data-holding cards, either. You could also purchase retractable badge holders (or holders with a badge reel) that come in different colors. Try out to view related products.

If you wouldn’t need to display your ID, then consider purchasing a badge wallet instead. These nifty badge holders are great for protecting your IDs and and keeping them all in place. You could find products like these on and

If what you are looking for instead are badge templates, try going to websites that offer professional badge template design services such as; or you could make your own badge template using the free templates offered at

There you have it! Hope you have a great time badge holder shopping, and good luck! 


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