How To Buy a DSL Modem

A DSL (digital subscriber line) modem is a gadget which connects computers to the Internet. It’s easy to buy a DSL modem; all you have to do is know something about them and where to find them. Here are some tips to help you in your DSL modem hunt.

  • Research about the different DSL modems. Various companies manufacture DSL modems. Know about these companies and how well their products rate. Some brands are more favored by users than others because of quality, durability, features, etc. Read descriptions and reviews about them. Find ratings of DSL modems online, in reviews, articles, forums and websites dedicated to all things about computers and the Internet.
  • Shop around and compare prices. The same brand and type of DSL modems may differ depending on the store and location at which they’re being sold. Malls which sell expensive items most probably sell DSL modems that slightly cost more than those sold in the average market. If you want to save, canvass DSL modem prices to know where to buy the cheapest one.
  • Ask your Internet provider. The company or service that supplies your Internet knows where to purchase DSL modems. They may be selling DSL modems, so inquire about them. The advantage of buying a DSL modem instead of renting is that you get to keep it even though you have switched providers or if you’ll be transferring to another place. The Internet provider may help you in assembling the modem free of charge.
  • Check out malls. Department stores and large malls are likely to be selling DSL modems. Ask a sales representative about where these are located. They may be bought at several places within the mall. Visit each of these locations so that you’ll have more options.
  • Go to electronics stores. There are different kinds of electronics stores; make sure that the one you’ll visit is offering DSL modems. Go to one which sells a variety of electronics gadgets; the bigger the store, the higher the chances that DSL modems are sold there. The advantage of buying in an electronics store is that you’ll find other electronic things to buy along with your DSL modem, and technicians are there to help you with your questions about electronics.
  • Go to computer appliances stores. All things computer-related are sold in these stores, so are DSL modems. You may ask the staff about your inquiries regarding set-up, installation, and other computer issues. Consider getting anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall programs to protect your computer from Internet threats.
  • Look online. An online search for ‘DSL modems’ gives you websites that sell these. If you’re looking for particular brands and types of DSL modems, include those in your search. Visit online stores and type ‘DSL modems’ in the search box. You may arrange the list according to cost and location of the items.
  • Refer to advertisements. Check out classified ads or advertisements in the television, papers, and posters. Take note of where to buy them and how much they cost.

Check the warranty on the DSL modem. Avoid buying a modem which doesn’t have a warranty, a return policy or a money-back guarantee. It’s best to buy from trusted sellers and brands to get your money’s worth.


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