How To Buy Furniture on Craiglist

Worried that you do not have enough of a budget to buy furniture for your new house or apartment? Well, there is a way to buy inexpensive furniture, and that is through Craiglist. Craiglist is an integrated network composed of various online groups that showcase classified ads on the internet. These advertisements are divided into different divisions such as sales, services, events, housing and jobs. From the Craiglist website, you can search for items on sale like affordable furniture and other items which are featured in the ads section. When buying furniture on Craiglist, consider these suggestions:

  1. Type in Craiglist in the search bar to go to the website home page. When you get to the home page, scan the list for the furniture ads section. Click on this section to go to the main furniture page. You can now start looking for what you need – a couch, a whole living room set, dining room set, accessories like lamp shades, rugs and other items.
  2. If your search yielded broad results such that you cannot find what you are searching for right away or you are led to offers that are far from your locality, try to limit your search by stating specific information about your city, state and country. You may sometimes be asked to enter your ZIP codes so be sure you remember the postal code in your area. If you want to receive mail alerts, tick the box that says you want to receive feeds in your email in the event that there are new furniture arrivals. 
  3. Make your search ahead of time before setting your budget. This way you will be able to gauge how much money you need to raise or set aside for the purchase of your furniture. Also, by searching ahead, you can schedule what date you will have the furniture delivered to synchronize with your moving date.
  4. View the picture of the furniture of your choice. Take note of the specifications such as measurements (height, width, length and thickness), materials with which the items are made of and the color. To save you time in searching, be specific when you type in the search bar, e.g. furniture pictures, if you want to view ads with photos.
  5. Contact the sellers. Once you have found the furniture that you like, click the contact email of the vendors and email them. It is important that you do this right away because items on sale at Craiglist go really fast. In your email, tell the vendors that you are interested to buy the furniture you saw in the website. If you want a quick response, you may get the sellers’ phone number if it is provided in the ad and call him immediately.
  6. Offer your price. If your correspondence is through email, send them a note indicating your price proposal.
  7. Have the furniture delivered to you on COD basis, which means you will pay for the purchase upon receipt of the items. If you prefer, you may pay online or through a bank but make sure your money is delivered safely to the recipients.

Shopping on Craiglist is a convenient and economical way of buying your furniture. However right from the start of the negotiation, clarify the shipping costs with the vendors. Shipping costs are usually incorporated in the price of the furniture but nonetheless make further verifications so you will not be taken by surprise if you are charged extra delivery fees.


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