How To Buy Natural Bath Soaps Online

People have different skin types—normal, sensitive, dry/very dry or a combination skin. And those who care for their skin take great pains to find the right soap for their skin type.  However your skin reacts to a particular type of bath soap, just be very clear about what you want, as there are literally several hundred types available – in all colors, scent, shape and sizes. Most of all, you need to choose the one that offers the most nourishing benefits.

It is difficult to go around and browse the shops in the hope of finding the natural bath soap that you want, so browsing the net is your best bet. You can check out each one with a click, review the ingredients, compare prices and see the actual product and not just the outside packaging.

France, Spain, the USA, Canada, Australia, even Syria are some of the countries where natural bath soaps are made. In your search, you might encounter Trillium Soaps, Olive Oil Soap, Savon de Marseille, Doux Handcrafted Soaps, Pre de Provence, Aleppo Soap, which are the more expensive ones. There’s also Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and Caprina Soap.  These manufacturers have a long history of natural soap making.

One of the latest ones is an Australian brand called Fraiche Natural Soap Bar - Bare Naked. Their natural soaps look like cake slices with swirls of different ingredients and icing on top. Their soaps are quite hip and trendy.

After you have determined the kind of natural bath soap you like, with the list of ingredients that you prefer, and have compared prices, you are now ready to do your actual shopping.  You have done the preliminary steps. Let’s go down to the nitty-gritty.

  1. Investigate the shop. Read the shop’s terms and conditions and return policy for damaged merchandise. Also look for any hidden or extra charges, which may include shipping, delivery, handling and taxes as well as delivery schedules and cancellation policies.
  2. Check the shop’s contact information.  Make sure you that the store lists down the numbers to call for customer service, their e-mail address, the company name and address should also be clearly indicated in their website.
  3. If you are buying in large quantities for retail sales and not just for personal use, it is advisable to check the company through the Better Business Bureau at
  4. Choose your products.  Once you have determined that you are dealing with a reputable vendor, you can start shopping.  Select the items that you want and place them in the virtual shopping cart. After you have made your selection, then it is time to check out and pay for the items.
  5. Pay Online. Make sure that the vendor has secure server connection when entering your credit card details and personal billing information. If you see a lock and key in the Internet browser, and/or the shop’s URL starts with https:// then their server is secure. This means that the server encrypts all the personal information you enter in the payment form. This protects you from identity theft

Once the items arrive, make sure that you open the package and check the contents before signing the delivery receipt and letting the deliveryman go.  Although there are some risks in making online purchases, with some proper planning and security awareness, online shopping really saves you time and money.


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