How To Buy Virtual Makeover Software

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When it comes to make-up and hairstyles, it is a good guess that you have experienced going to the mall and taking advantage of those free hair and make-up demonstrations. You can get a free facial and make-up, and get your hair trimmed and styled. But that is dependent on the particular brand of cosmetics, toiletries, gadgets and hair trends a brand is promoting. To experiment with hairstyles, you try on wigs in different colors and style, usually inside the salon before getting a trim.

Everything is different now. With makeover software you can actually get the chance to experience a makeover – virtually – before even embarking on the real process. You can see how you will look in different hairstyles in a variety of colors and length, and see what particular blends of makeup colors can do to your face and your general appearance.

Some makeover programs are suited for individual use. More sophisticated ones are for salon/professional use. Some are available for free, for a short trial period and some can be quite expensive, depending on end use.

To experience the capabilities of makeover software, here is what you can do:

Consider the price. If you are not going to use the software professionally, get one based on your end application. Choose one that is cheaper but still capable of answering your needs.

Trial use. Check if there is a trial offer when you download so you can test the product before you place an order. You can download a free trial of The Mirror of Beauty 1.4 published by Universal Hedonics. This program gives you several options to experiment with full makeup, different hairstyles and some plastic surgery looks without going under the knife with its virtual de-aging, virtual nose lift, and virtual botox application.

Online programs. There are online versions that are available so you do not need to download or buy the software. All you need is to register and create a user name and password. Check out Hair Finder. After you have signed up for an account, you can upload your own photograph and check what you will look like in the hundreds of hairstyles in several textures, length and colors in its database. You can also save and print them for reference.

Compatibility with your operating system. Before you buy and/or download a makeover program, make sure that you can you can run it using your current computer operating system.

Ease of use. Aside from taking into consideration a wide database of styles and colors, you should also choose the makeover software that is user-friendly. Read the program instructions and literature and if available, check out the user reviews. These will guide you when making your final choice.

Choose one based on your need. There are lower-priced programs written for hobbyists and amateur users who just want to experiment at home to create different styles that they can apply for special occasions or when the mood suits them. Some are written for professional end-users. These are generally more expensive. One such program is Salon Styler. This is designed to help salon staff give professional advice to their clientele by showing them the various looks that can be achieved by mixing and matching.

Free  updates
. For professional users, check if the software you will get gives free updates in styles and colors. Makeup and hairstyles change very quickly and it will not be of much help if your software is outdated. Some programs offer automatic updates, either for free or a minimal fee. Others will send you a notice that an update is available and gives you the option to choose whether to avail of it or not.

When you have made your final choice, see if the software includes add-ons to complete the beauty package. It can be diet advice, exercise routines and even weight and height calculators, calorie counters and BMI calculations.


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