How To Bypass a Windows XP Password

Emails, blogs, online banking, etc., -- it can sometimes be difficult to remember all the passwords you set on those varied accounts. You could one day find yourself in a ridiculous situation staring at your computer's start up log-in page completely unable to remember your Windows XP password. Here's one way to bypass that particular access control.

Restart the computer.
Denied access at the start up log-in page, you will need to restart the computer manually. This is usually done by pressing on the CPU's power button for a few seconds. Once you hear the familiar beeps and see the usual system checks associated with boot-up, quickly press on the F8 key on the keyboard. Either press the F8 key repeatedly or press and hold it until  the boot-up process leads to a page where you'll be asked to choose which mode to start the computer. Use the arrow keys to select "Start with Command Prompt" and then press the Enter key. This will tell the system to display the command prompt (just like DOS) instead of proceeding to Window's graphical user interface.

Get the list of user accounts.
At the command prompt C:\> type in this command net user then press the Enter key. This will bring up all the user accounts established in the computer. Look for the administrator's username or any other registered username.

Change the password.

Once again type in net user at the command prompt but this time followed by a space then the username you chose to use with an asterisk at the end. It should look like this:

    C:\> net user JakeAdmin* (JakeAdmin being an example of an administrator's username)

After you press the Enter key, the system will ask for a password.

    Type Password:

You can actually enter any password here. The only requirement is that it is at least four characters long. Type in something you can easily remember then press Enter. You will be asked to enter the same password again. Comply and then shut down the computer by typing this at the command prompt:

    shutdown -s

Log in again.
Press the CPU's power button and let the computer boot up without any interruptions. When the whole process reaches the start up log-in page, type in the username you chose in Step 3 and the new password you made to go with that username. Click OK and the desktop should appear shortly afterwards.

There are also other programs downloadable from the Internet that can help you bypass a password protected Windows XP user account. You will need to either save these programs in a floppy disc or burn them in CD and then run those programs from the optical drive during the boot-up process.


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