How To Catch a Cheating Mate with Myspace

Are you starting to think that your partner is cheating on you? Do you feel that there is a third party involved or there are third parties? Have you started to feel that there is something going on with your partner that you are kept in the dark about? Catching a cheater is not really hard to do with all the technology and the social networks around us. You just need to get creative.

Social networks are the “IN” thing today and more and more people find partners online than in the physical meetings and good old-fashioned introductions. Social networks like Facebook, Friendster and Myspace are some of the more popular ones around. So how do you catch your cheating partner with the help of Myspace? It really is quite easy and this project will need you to portray a character online to catch your cheating partner. You might need to invest time but the look on his face after he finds out that you’ve had him will be priceless.

  1. Start off with creating a new identity online. You need to set up a new email dedicated solely to this new character you are going to be inventing. Make sure that the usernames are as far as they can be with your usual usernames so that your partner will never recognize you. Sign up with Myspace using your new email and get started on your profile.
  2. Create a profile that you think your partner might be interested in. Be very detail oriented when it comes to this. Invest some time in making your profile as interesting to your partner as it can be. This will surely reel him in your net. Then don’t forget your profile picture. Choose a picture that you know is likely to attract your partner. Really glam and jazz up your profile.
  3. Add friends of all races and color and interact with them by commenting on their pages and sending them messages. This will help you get into character and prepare you with meeting your partner online using your newly invented character. Don’t add your partner right away. Allot about 1-2 weeks before you find him in Myspace and add him up as a friend.
  4. Throw in your bait. Interact with your partner online and make him feel that you are very interested in his profile. Make him feel as if you are very, very interested. Comment on his status, send him messages and continue doing this for a week or more until you feel that your relationship is going deeper and deeper. Flirt with him if you must. Throw hints here and there.
  5. There will come a time that he will attempt to arrange a meeting especially if things have been heating up. When it comes to that, try to do the “hard-to-get” approach. This will only sweeten the pot and make your partner be more interested in meeting with you face-to-face.
  6. After he becomes more persistent now is the time to come clean. Arrange a meeting with your partner using your character and get yourself to the agreed meeting place about 30 minutes before. When your partner arrives, it is time for some surprises and confrontation and for sure you will have a nerve wracking time.

What you are going to do with your partner after this is really all in your hands. But if you do catch him cheating then it’s best if you can let him go. If he cheats now, what’s to stop him from cheating in the future?


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