How To Center Text Using Yahoo! PageWizards

You can edit the text you put on your Yahoo! page and center it to make it easier to read. A block of text that has a few words per line is easier to read than having the text run all the way across the screen.

1. Log in to Yahoo!

To access Yahoo! PageWizards you have to log in to your Yahoo! Account. If Yahoo! is not your default search engine on your internet browser you can bring it up by typing on the address field. Look for the “Sign In” option on the Yahoo! page then click on it. You will be requested to type in your Log in information like your username and password. Once you have accomplished typing in your log in details, click on the Sign In button.

2. Go to GeoCities.

When you are logged in, look for the GeoCities link on the Yahoo! page and then click on it. If you can’t find the link you can type GeoCities in the search field. At the Search Results page on Yahoo! click the GeoCities link. When you get to the GeoCities page find the “Yahoo! PageWizards” button and then click on it. To go to the page you want to edit or type text in, click the “Create of Change Your Web Page” button. Now click the “Edit an Existing Page” to look for the page you want to edit. When you find the page you can select the “Next” button to begin editing.

3. Center the text.

First type in the text you want to put on your page. Use the “Enter Text” box to accomplish the task. You can put in as many words as you want on the page. It can be a paragraph or a full article. To center the text you typed in to your page, place the cursor on the far left side of the box. You will use your space bar to move the cursor all the way to the ride side but you have count each time you hit the space bar to find out how many spaces there are in the box.

The position your cursor is on at the far left already counts as one space in the box so when you hit the space bar you’ll be starting with the number 2. Write down the number of spaces your box has on a piece of paper. The next procedure is to count the number of letters on the first line of your paragraph, word or group of words. You have to count the spaces that divide words and count the special characters as well. Write the total under the number of spaces on the piece of paper and then subtract the two figures. Take the total and divide it by two. This will tell you how much empty space you can put on each side of the text. Place the text on the far left side of the box and then move it to the right side by placing the cursor before the text and hitting the space bar. Use the remainder from your calculation to determine how many times you should hit the space bar.

The process may be tedious at first but once you have centered the first line of a paragraph you can adjust the remaining lines accordingly.


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