How To Change System Colors and Fonts on a Mac

Personalizing your Mac is easily done by changing the settings for system colors and fonts. You can change system colors to your favorite color or one that is relaxing to the eye. You can change the type of font you want and change the size of fonts to make reading on the Mac easier.

  1. Go to the Appearance panel. On your Mac's desktop, go to the Apple Menu and then choose the Control Panels. Scroll to Appearance and select it. Find the Themes tab, and here you can alter the look of the window panels, the progress bar and the title bars. Depending on your personality or mood you may want to have different looks for each one. You will find different themes for each on the Themes tab, and you can select from the available options. First change the look of the title bars, then preview them on your Mac to see if it conforms to your personality or mood, then try out all the other themes and decide which one to keep. Change the windows display to one that you prefer, preview the changes to each one you pick, and then keep the one you are satisfied with. You will be staring at a progress bar from time to time, so choose one that you think you are comfortable staring at. You can make further changes in the Appearance panel by changing the overall appearance of windows, controls, menus, and icons. Change the overall color to have a uniform look for each component, but you can also pick different color schemes for each if that is the appearance you are aiming for. You can also change the highlight color when you select a word or a group of words to one that you prefer. Try to pick a color that would bring out the text, usually light colors will do the trick. Darker colors will make it harder for you to read the text.
  2. Go to the Fonts Tab. Go to the Fonts tab to change how large or small any text will appear on your Mac. You can change the size of the font for different components on your Mac, such as the font used for the headings and menu bar. You can also change the size for the small system font for labels and description text, as well as the font used for icons and lists. You can change the types and colors of the font that you will use for each component to make it easier for you to differentiate them from one another. There will be options on the font tab that you can use, and preview them before you decide on one that you are satisfied with.

Before making changes to the system colors and fonts on your Mac, try to look at different colors and schemes so you will have a better idea for the overlook of your Mac.


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