How To Change the Background Picture on the Desktop

Changing the background picture on the desktop is one of the advantages of computers. Aside from the fact that you get to express your individuality by selecting an image of choice, you also get to change it every time you get tired of the current image your desktop displays. These instructions cover that of changing the background picture on the desktop that is run on Windows XP.

  1. Get to know the screen resolution capacity of your personal computer. This is important especially if you will be downloading background pictures from the World Wide Web. The background picture from the Net has to have a resolution that can be accommodated by your computer monitor otherwise it will not be displayed. To know the screen resolution of your PC, go to the Control Panel by clicking on the Start button. You will be directed to the Control Panel window that shows several icons. Look for the icon that is labeled as Display and click on it two times. Once on the Display Properties window, select the last tab named Settings. You will then see the minimum and maximum resolution that your computer monitor can support.
  2. Download your choice of background picture. If you would not be utilizing the supplied background pictures on Windows XP, then you can get your choice of images from various sources on the Net. Do not forget to store the downloaded image file onto a location that you would not forget later. The desktop would be the best choice for this. Also, make sure that the resolution can be supported by your PC. Another important thing to do is to have the image file run through a virus scan first to make sure no threats enter your machine.
  3. Start changing the background picture on the desktop. Now, go to the Control Panel window once again. Click on the icon Display once more to access Display Properties window. This time, select the second tab marked Desktop from among the five tabs supplied in the said window. Under the section of Background: you will see a list of choices of various background pictures Windows XP has supplied. Click on each one and check out its preview to make sure that you like it. You can even customize its shade by picking out a choice of hue under the Color: section. Once done with the tweaking, you can now click on OK for the changes to apply.

If you will be using a downloaded image file, then simply go to the Display Properties window and then go to the Desktop tab again. Click on the Browse button on the right hand side of the window for the Browse window to pop up on the computer screen. Simply locate the save location of the recently downloaded file, highlight it and then click on Open. After that, click on OK and you're good to go.


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