How To Change the Computer's Warning Beep

Warning beeps are present in all computers. In general, it is configured to sound off whenever something is not right with the computer system. While other computer users get annoyed with the warning beeps, they are actually quite useful. And aside from taking advantage of its benefits, you also get to change the computer's warning beep for a sound that best suits your preference. Here's how it is done in a Windows XP computer:

  1. Go to your personal computer's Control Panel. Click on the green Start button that is found on the lower left corner of your desktop. A list will pull up when you do this. Look for the option Control Panel and simply click on it once. You will then be directed to the Control Panel window that contains a bunch of different icons and their corresponding labels.
  2. Access the properties window by going to the Sounds and Audio Devices folder. Now, look for the speaker icon that is labeled Sounds and Audio Devices and click on it two times. The Sounds and Audio Devices Properties window will pop up on your computer screen. Notice that there are five tabs, namely Volume, Sounds, Audio, Voice, and Hardware tabs on the upper part of the said window.
  3. Start changing the computer's warning beep. Now that you are on the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties window, click on the Sounds tab once. Go to the section Sound scheme and click on the downward pointing arrow beside the empty text field. There will be two choices, the No Sounds option, and the Windows Default option. Highlight Windows Default by clicking on it once. Now, go to the Program events section. In here, different program events can be chosen for the warning beep you've chosen earlier be applied. Say, you would want to hear a warning beep whenever you receive a new email in your inbox, then you will need to highlight the option New Mail Notification for the warning beep to be activated.
  4. Perform these steps if you want a different sound track aside from the Windows Default option. If you have gotten tired of hearing the Windows Default sound, then by all means look for sound tracks of choice. The fastest way would be to download them from the Internet. Have the sound tracks converted to the .wav format especially if you want to preserve the integrity of the sound. Afterwards, save the file into a location that's easy to find like the desktop. Now, to have the sound track of choice set as the warning beep, instead of choosing the Windows Default from the Sound scheme: section, go to the Sounds: section and click on the button Browse to locate the sound track you want.

Now, all that you need to do is to click on the OK button for all of these new settings to take effect. Some Windows XP computers may not recognize the changes immediately. If this is the case, simply reboot your machine for the changes to apply.


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