How To Change the Orientation of Your Computer Monitor Screen

You can change the orientation of your computer monitor screen to display its contents at a 90 degree, 180 degree or 270 degree angle. Rotating the screen to a different angle may be necessary for presentations or monitor placement. The following steps will guide you on how to change your monitor’s orientation.

1. Keyboard arrow keys

From your keyboard you change the orientation of you screen by pressing a few keys. On your computer with the Windows operating system, press the ALT and CTRL keys on your keyboard. Hold them both down at the same time and then use the arrow keys to change the orientation of you computer screen. While you are holding down ALT and CTRL press the right arrow key, this will rotate your screen to portrait. Pressing the up arrow key will invert your landscape view and then pressing the left arrow key will give you an inverted portrait orientation on your screen.  This method will work on your Windows operating system but if it doesn’t then that means that your graphics card installed on your computer is preventing the action. Try the other steps to change the orientation of your computer screen.

2. NVIDIA Graphics Card

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card installed on your computer you can use its program interface to change the orientation of your monitor screen. Go to the Start menu on your computer and select the Control Panel option on the menu. At the Control Panel window select the Display option. On the Display Properties window go all the way to the right end and select the Settings tab. At the Settings panel look over to the right bottom corner and you will see the “Advanced” button. Select the Advanced button and you will see another set of tabs.

Depending on your version of the NVIDIA graphics card you will see a tab marked GeForce or NVIDIA. Select the tab and the graphics card interface will be displayed on your screen. On the list of options on the pop out menu locate and select the NVRotate option. You can now select the type of orientation you want to use on your computer monitor screen. The options for changing the orientation of your screen are Landscape (0 degree rotation), Portrait (90 degree rotation), Inverted landscape (180 degree rotation) and Inverted portrait (270 degree rotation).

The default position is already selected which has a mark on the circular field beside the option. Select an option by placing a mark on the circular field and then click Apply. A preview of your selection will be presented and then you will be prompted to either keep the selection or change the orientation back to the default position. Click “Yes” to keep the selection.

The first step usually works for the Windows operating system but if a graphics card on your computer has an exclusive program activated then you have to change the orientation from its interface.


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