How To Change the SpellCheck Settings on the Google Toolbar

If you are a frequent user of forums and discussion boards on the internet, you may want to download and install SpellCheck, a program that corrects your spelling as you surf the internet.

Before you begin, check to make sure that you have the things you need. You'll need a reliable internet connection, as well as the Firefox web browser. If you would rather use a different browser, you can also use Internet Explorer. You should also have Google's toolbar installed on your browser.

Now that you're ready, read on and learn how to change the SpellCheck settings on your installed Google Toolbar. As much as possible, this article will include instructions for both the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

  • For Internet Explorer: Click on the button labeled "Settings." For Mozilla Firefox: Click on the button labeled "Options." Note that for both browsers, the button is located at the Google Toolbar.
  • Choose the option labeled "Manage." And then, click on the tab labeled "Features" if you're using Internet Explorer. If you're using Mozilla Firefox, choose the tab labeled "Browsing."
  • Find the option labeled "SpellCheck." Click on the box beside it.
  • Click on the button labeled "OK" to apply the changes you made. The window will now disappear.

Now you can start using SpellCheck. To have Spellcheck work on checking spelling, Type in your text and then click the button labeled "Spellcheck." The plug-in will now highlight the misspelled words, giving you an idea of which ones to correct. You will now be able to do the things that you normally do when using the spell checker in desktop applications like Microsoft Word. You can correct the word yourself, or you can ignore the word and leave it as is. You can also add the word to the built-in dictionary if you wish. If you want the program to automatically fix the spelling as you type, you activate the option "Autofix."

SpellCheck can also be used in different languages, which can come in handy if you're using the internet to learn a new language. To manipulate the language settings of SpellCheck, find the button labeled "SpellCheck" and click on the arrow situated to its right. After this, click the option labeled "Choose Language." You now have the ability to choose between twelve different languages. You can also have the program choose which language to use. If you would rather have SpellCheck make the decision for you, go to the menu for selecting languages and click on the option labeled "Auto."

Another thing you can do with the settings of SpellCheck is make changes in the built-in dictionary. To do this, click on the button labeled "Start" on your Windows Taskbar. After this, click on "Run." And then, type the following command: "notepad ‘%HOMEPATH%\Application Data\Google\User Dictionary.txt'." Click on the "OK" button; you can now change the dictionary as you see fit.

Once you have saved your changes, you can go back to using SpellCheck!


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