How To Check a Screen Name on AOL

As an AOL (America Online) user you get to pick a screen name you can use with your account. You screen name will be your online tag or identity so people online will acknowledge you by that name. The screen name is limited to sixteen letters and has a minimum of three letters.

  1. Think of a screen name. Before logging into AOL think of a name you can use as a screen name. You can use a nickname that you go by or a name that you’ve always wanted. Some people change the way their names are spelled replacing letters or adding more letters. You have to be creative when you choose a screen name because there are millions of users on AOL that the screen name that you decide to use may have already been picked. Common names like John, Steve, and Rick have already been chosen so if you are thinking of common names, stop and be more creative. Create a list of names that you want to use because the more options you have the less time will be spent thinking of another one if the one you pick has been chosen.
  2. Check your screen name. Now that you have a list of possible screen names, you can log into AOL. On the toolbar, locate and select the “Settings” option. At the “Settings” menu select “Screen Names” and then select the “Create a screen name” option. On the field provided, type the first name on your list of possible screen names. If that one has been chosen by another user then the AOL program will let you know so you can select another one from your list.

You will also be presented with variations for the screen name you entered if it has been chosen. You can pick one from the suggested screen names or pick another one from your list. If you really want to use a screen name but is no longer available for you to use you can add other letters or numbers before and after the screen name. Most people do this with their screen names but it can be hard to remember when the screen name is too complicated. You can also use an underscore with your screen name to separate a letter or words so it will add a variation to a selected screen name. When you have successfully entered an available screen name, the AOL program will prompt you and then you can complete the process and use your screen name on AOL.

Since there are so many AOL users your chances of successfully entering an available screen name on your first try is slim. You may have to keep checking for a screen name for a while before you find one you will be comfortable with.


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