How To Check a Wireless Connection with Netstumbler

Accessing a wireless connection can be frustrating sometimes. Fortunately, with the help of NetStumbler, you now have the advantage of checking wireless connections near your area. NetStumbler is a tool mainly for Windows that helps establish a strong wireless connection using 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g. This software also functions in detecting other networks that may cause interference on your current network, detecting unauthorized access points and can also be used for WarDriving.

If you want to check a wireless connection using NetStumbler, here are the things you should do:

Check supported platforms and hard drives. Like any other software, in order to make NetStumbler work, you must first check if your computer meets the required specification of this software. The requirements for NetStumbler depend on the hardware, firmware versions, driver versions, and operating system that you are using. You can visit their website ( or to check their required specification. If for some reason, you cannot access their website, be sure that the operating system you are using is Windows 2000 up to Windows XP only and the card must also be configured in such a way that the software management can detect it.

Download and install NetStumbler software. After ensuring that the requirements of NetStumbler match your system, you can now download and install it in your computer. You can find NetStumbler software in their website and since, NetStumbler management considers their software “beggarware”, you do not have to pay for anything to use it, although, donations are encouraged to help management for future development.

Run the software. After installing NetStumbler in your computer, run it to locate your wireless card. This procedure is used to find out the proximity and availability of wireless connections near your area. If, however, you receive a message stating “No Wireless Card Detected”, then it means that your wireless card is not supported by the software.

Scan for wireless networks. If your wireless card is detected by NetStumbler, you can now hit the scan button to check for an available wireless connection. The software will display a list of access points that you can choose from. Take note that a closed access point cannot be detected by NetStumbler. If you are aware of a particular access point within your area and the software did not return it in the list, then it is considered as a closed access point.

Select “Auto Reconfigure” menu. The next step to check wireless connection using NetStumbler is to select the “Auto Reconfigure” menu. This feature allows NetStumbler to reset your configured settings in order to provide access point to different wireless connection regardless of the SSID.

Check wireless connection on your computer. The last step you must do in checking for wireless connection is to check your wireless connection settings. This is an important step because it would determine how you could access wireless networks that NetStumbler detects.

These are the things you can do to check any wireless connection through NetStumbler software. Remember to first visit NetStumbler website to see how you can effectively utilize this software.


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