How To Check Browser Settings when Starting Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a free software application that allows viewing, downloading, and uploading of files that are saved in the Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Reader should be properly installed on a computer to make sure that all PDF files are managed efficiently. Problems arising from incorrect installation of Adobe Reader include that of a PDF file not loading on a web browser. This issue can be addressed by fixing the browser settings when starting Adobe Reader. Here's how to do it from a Windows XP computer:

  1. Download and install the program Adobe Reader on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader yet, then you must first download and install it. Simply go to its official website and choose the file type for your kind of operating system. Click on its download button to commence the process. Once the download completes, go to the save location of the downloaded file and click on it for the install wizard to pop up. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the install wizard for correct installation of the program.
  2. Open Adobe Reader on your personal computer. Close any web browser first and foremost. Now, click on Adobe Reader's desktop shortcut twice to launch it. If none is set for this program, then simply go to the green Start button for its menu to appear. Locate Adobe Reader from the Start menu. If there is none, then direct the mouse cursor to All Programs for another menu to be pulled up. Locate and select Adobe Reader from the items listed and click on it.
  3. Access Adobe Reader's Preferences panel. On the Adobe Reader window, click on the second tab Edit. Select the last item Preferences from the list that pops up. The Preferences window should be pulled up when you do so.
  4. Access the Web Browser Options panel. Go to the left column of the Preferences window labeled Categories: and select the entry Internet from the list. Doing so should direct you to the Web Browser Options window.
  5. Start the process of checking Adobe Reader's browser settings. Check the entries under the Web Browser Options section. Make sure that the box right beside the option Display PDF in browser is checked. The Allow fast web view and Allow speculative downloading in the background check boxes should be checked as well. Once done, simply click on the OK button to close the Preferences window. Close the Adobe Reader window as well by clicking on the red X button at the top right corner of the window.

Problems such as slow or wrong loading of PDF files on a browser can be avoided so make sure you make it a habit to check Adobe Reader's browser settings.


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