How To Check if a Wireless Network Works

Checking to make sure that your Wireless Internet Network runs as it is supposed to is quite easy. The following lists the steps on how to make sure that your wireless network is running.

1. Examine your modem.

Make sure that the modem’s LED indicator for “DSL” or “Link” light is steady and not blinking. A blinking DSL LED indicator would immediately mean that your modem is not properly receiving the signal from your Internet Service Provider’s Central Office.
2. Examine your router.

The same with your modem, you should check for the “WAN” LED indicator and ensure that it is not blinking. If it blinking, there might be a problem with the connection or bridging of the modem and wireless router. Aside from the WAN LED indicator, you would also need to check for the “Wireless” LED indicator. This light should either be blinking fast or lit steady. If the case is that it does not have a light on it, then the problem could lie with the wireless network card installed in your computer.

3. Check to see that your wireless network card is working and properly installed.

First, make sure that the wireless network card is working. You can do this by going inside the Device Manager. There are three ways that you can use to get to Device Manager.

  • Launching Device Manager from the Run Command. Click “Start”, select “Run”, input “devmgmt.msc” on the text field provided and hit “Enter” on the keyboard.
  • Launching Device Manager through “Computer Management” pane. On your desktop, right click on the “My Computer” icon and select “Manage” from the menu that popped out. On the right side of the Computer Management Pane, Look for “Device Manager” and highlight the item.
  • Launching Device Manager from My Computer. Right click on “My Computer”, select “Properties” and hit the tab for “Hardware”. On the Hardware tab, hit the button that says “Device Manager”.

Look for the item named “Network adapters” and ensure that the wireless card is under it. If it isn’t, look for the item named “Other devices” and if your wireless card were in it, then you would need to install the drivers for the card.

4. Power cycle or devices on the network.

Usually, turning your computer, modem and router off would fix issues with your wireless connectivity. When you are ready to switch everything on, that you start with the modem. Wait until the DSL or Link LED indicator is steady before turning on your wireless router. Again, wait for the router to display a steady LED indicator for WAN before switching your computer on.

In such case that you are still unable to connect to your wireless network, you could call your ISP’s technical support team for further assistance.


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