How To Choose a Background for eBay Pictures

Pictures can tell more than what printed words can fully describe. You need to visualize an item as described, whereas you can view the actual product when you see a picture.

If you sell several items on eBay, the way you present a product and how you photograph it makes a huge impact on the way the product behaves on the selling site. Good pictures are a big marketing tool, and they can help you sell more and move your product faster. Below are some tips on how to take good product pictures with the right kind of background.

  1. The right background makes a product stand out. If you are selling crystals and other almost transparent items, choose a dark solid color for your background such as navy blue or black. You can use either non-glossy fabric or paper that is not wrinkled as your background.
  2. Do your photography in an area where you have a flat surface and a wall where you can stick your background material and near a source of available light, such as a small table close to a window. Use the available light to your advantage. With the dark background stuck on the wall and extended to the table you can show more product details when you take a picture that has a high contrast. Take the photo at an angle to show most of the product’s features.
  3. Choose background colors that will provide complementary contrast - such as blue against orange and vice versa, yellow against purple. Check a color wheel so you can see the rest of complementary and contrasting colors.
  4. Use a white background. It is the best background for very dark-colored items and jewelry. Other pastel colors are all right but white will provide the highest contrast.
  5. Pearls will look good in black, navy blue or very deep burgundy background. It will be best to have the light source from either the left or the right to show the natural luster and sheen of pearls
  6. Make sure that when you take pictures of tall and wide items, the background extends way beyond the top and sides of the highest and widest item. This way the product will not look cut up with a different background if you only placed the background on the table, underneath the items. This will help you with image cropping issues.
  7. Do not be tempted to use patterned and colorful backgrounds. This will distract the viewers’ eyes from the items you want to sell and may confuse them. Your aim is to show your product to the best advantage to aid in the sale.
  8. You can group items of similar material for maximum effect. Use smaller items as backdrop for your main item. Ensure that the small items you use will direct focus on the main product you are selling. Proper positioning is as important as the background to highlight the item for sale.

Make sure that all the items you are photographing lies squarely on the background. Always use solid colors for your background and make sure they are flat and wrinkle-free. You can refer to the eBay guides for additional information.


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