How To Choose a Fiber Optic Modem

A fiber optic modem is the top choice at the moment when it comes to fast and almost perfect data transmission over the Internet. This is the way to go to get connected with the world. Most of the business and personal transactions today are done through the Internet and it therefore imperative that the Internet modem can handle all the different types of date transmission. There are two types of fiber optic modems – a single mode fiber optic modem and a multimode model. Each one serves a different purpose. Take a look at some tips below to help you in choosing a fiber optic modem.

  • Determine your Internet connection needs. Are you engaged in business and need to connect several computers to a modem? Are you setting up a home network for you and your family members? Each fiber optic modem has unique features that make it easy for you to determine what mode to get.
  • Choose the right service provider because each of these Internet service providers has their unique packages and programs that they provide to their customers. Contact their customer representative and discuss your requirements. Look for other service providers so that you can compare their services, features and subscription rates, and their after-sales service.
  • If you are operating a business and require numerous data transfers over long distances on a daily basis, a single mode fiber optic cable is the one that you should get. Transmission can travel for longer distances with this type of fiber optic modem and unlimited bandwidth. It also has lower transmission loss that is critical for businesses. A single mode fiber optic modem can also operate as a multimode model.
  • When setting up a home network a multimode fiber optic model is the best one for you. You have the option to connect several phone lines to the modem and a number of computers. It has limited bandwidth and less expensive than a single mode model and operates at shorter distances which is ideal for a home network setup.
  • Check the availability of fiber optic connection in your area. The use of fiber optic cable for telecommunication is getting higher and the demand is increasing but there are still areas that are wired with copper cables. Most new building and housing developments are now wired with fiber optics.
  • Consider all your requirements. A fiber optic modem will definitely be the faster when it comes to data transfers as it is capable of speeds up to 30Mbps. When you are uploading and downloading large files like movies, videos and music and high-resolution images while you work you definitely should look into getting a fiber optic modem.
  • Monthly subscription cost is also a factor that you have to consider. Fiber optic connection is still charging the highest subscription rate at the moment as compared to DSL, cable and other Internet connection subscriptions. Decide if using a fiber optic modem is the right one for you at this time. Service areas are still limited and costs vary depending on where you are located, how far you are from the service provider and the type of service that you require.

Fiber optics modems will become the standard soon. If you are going to rent an office space or moving into a new housing complex inquire if the building is already wired with fiber optics. This will make your chance of getting connected to a fiber optic Internet service provider easier.


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