How To Choose a Web Hosting Service

It seems as if so much of our lives are now spent on the Internet. Just ten years ago, most people spent their Internet time sending e-mails and talking in chat rooms. Now everyone has a website. They are used for personal purposes and business purposes. If you're one of the many who do not have technical expertise, choosing the right web hosting service may be a daunting process. What is web hosting anyway? A web host is the company that has the computer server where your website files are kept. Servers have to be kept on 24 hours a day seven days a week so that your website is available all the time.

Step 1

In order to choose a web hosting service, you first have to know who provides that service. You can look on the search engines, but that is not always the best way to find a reliable web hosting company.


Step 2

Your Internet service provider may also offer web hosting. Check with them and find out. Website developers sometimes offer web hosting for their clients as an extra part of the development package. Many companies now specialize in providing web hosting services only. Some of these companies are small and some are large.


Step 3

How do you choose the right one? Before we get into this, you first need to think about your needs for your website. How many pages do you plan to include on your site? Will you or your web developer have to change content a lot? This question is especially important if you are a retailer. How much traffic do you expect or hope to get? Will you need more than one e-mail address? This one could be very important if you are considering a local web hoster versus a national company. Can you transfer files to the hosting server from different locations? This is important because if you are out of town and you need to make changes, you need this ability. Some local hosting services only allow changes to be made from local locations. When you've answered all these questions, you are ready to go shopping for a web hosting service.

Here are some other things to consider before you sign on:

  • How big is the Web hosting services pipeline? In other words, do they have enough bandwidth on their connections to handle traffic speedily? Can multiple people transfer files without any interruption in service?
  • How many other clients will have their websites stored on the same server as yours?
  • How much space will they allow on their hard drive for your website files? Anything less than 5 GB is too small.
  • If you decide you don't like their service, how hard will it be to move on to another company? Don't get stuck in long-term service contracts.
  • Cost is one of the factors you need to think about. However don't let it be the only thing that helps you decide which hosting company is the best for your business needs.

Jason Kay recommends reading reviews of cheap hosting sites to find an affordable, reliable web hosting service that meets your needs.

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If you need to build promotional website for some events that only lasts few months or less, you don't need to rent for a full year contract. There are many web hosting companies offer monthly basis web hosting services which is more suitable for temporary website.

By Zamrony P Juhara

You are right about clarity on your site. I have gone for web hosting that I am not using now. Ease in maintaining is also another consideration. This is one reason why I enjoy blogging and just use the freebies. Very useful article.

By Mary Norton