How To Choose an Album Storage System

If you are one who does not care much for technology, you can go the traditional route. You can take your photos, have them printed and keep them in a photo album. This album display will always be on hand when visitors come by and you can gush over all the places that you have traveled to, share stories while you are having a good time lounging on your couch. You can have a good time cutting out materials for scrapbooking where you have plenty of options to showcase your artistic ability. However in choosing to go this way, you would need to remember some of the things below to keep that album print safe and intact.

  • Your album should not be at a place where it could be in direct contact with the weather. Sunlight and raindrops could damage the album plus the pictures that you hold so dear. Put it in a place where it would be safe like a bookshelf or put it inside a box specifically designed for storage. Place it in the living area and not in parts of your house where there is extreme temperature.
  • Hunt around for stores where you can purchase negative storage pages or simply buy envelopes or folders with pockets. Buy something where you can categorize your negatives making sure they are protected by plastic to prevent damage. Check out an online store such as NexTag where you can find different storage types for your album.

Online Photo Album

This system allows you to take thousands of photos and have them uploaded over the Internet. There are online scrapbooking sites with creative options on page layout. There are numerous online sites that offer free storage and you can even share a link to your friends. Below you will find two of the most popular album storage sites.

  • Photobucket - Register to get your free membership where you can upload thousands of pictures, even videos to keep or share with friends and family. You can even design your pages by adding text and special effects that will surely impress others. Adding music can be an option as well.
  • Shutterfly - You need to be a free member to start uploading pictures. You can choose that photo of yourself in that silly Halloween costume as your album cover or simply anything that you feel like making into one. You can organize your photos as you want it without much hassle.

Whichever album storage you choose from above can make those fun times more than just images in your head. Do both so you can take advantage of having those memories truly preserved. When you feel down, you can always remember and see those wonderful photos that could inspire you once more.


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