How To Choose an Email Fax Service

Say goodbye to the traditional facsimile sending through phone lines. Here comes the new revolution in business messaging gateway—email fax.

If your company is still using the traditional fax machine, it’s time to consider an Internet fax or online fax service. There are many companies offering Internet fax or online fax. All you have to do is to choose which of these companies you will trust to give you the most dependable fax email service.

Consider these steps when choosing an email fax service:

  1. Determine the budget your company is willing to invest in an email fax service. Most email services come with different packages. This is usually a per month basis for a certain period of time, say a year. Don’t forget to consider the number of pages you can receive or send each month. That limitation comes with the monthly payment. If not, you can also choose a service that charges you for every page you send or receive. The best you can do for this is to evaluate how many pages of fax messages you will most likely receive or send in a month. Then, compare your expenses on a per month and per page basis. Of course, the most cost-efficient for your company’s situation should be your final choice.
  2. Learn the different system requirements by email services. Some companies require installation of a software for their email fax services. If that’s the case, you should check if the software needed is compatible with your company’s computers. But if you don’t want to undergo the hassles of installing software, then choose fax services that do not require any installation of software.
  3. Try the email services if possible. Companies like eFax and MetroFax allow their clients to try their services through free demo. You can ask the prospective company if they offer free demo, too.
  4. Consider added services and features provided by email fax service companies. Mobile device compatibility is among the most common and useful features that many companies are offering. Still, you should learn if the company you’re looking at offers this. You should choose a company offering the features that are not only needed by your company but will help give you convenience. Aside from the mobile device compatibility, take note of the different documents that can be sent through the service. Again, determine the usual documents sent and received by your company. The email fax service should be able to handle these documents.
  5. Ponder on other deciding factors. Check the background of the company and its performance with its past and present clients. Ask also if they can give you after sales support 24/7. Consider this a very important feature if your company works for almost 24 hours in almost seven days.

So, say hello to your new fax number with its fax server and your traditional facsimile machine will be history. Email fax is now the trend and the more practical option you can get for a wider communication gateway.


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