How To Choose an iMac Hard Drive Backup

If you work with large amounts of files on your iMac you can pretty much use up the internal hard drive’s capacity in a short period of time. If you have precious files on your iMac then you can never be too careful with them, so you need to make backup copies of these files. The answer to both these situations is to get a backup hard drive for your iMac. The steps below will help you choose the right type of hard drive to backup your files.

  1. Types of external hard drives to consider. There are several external hard drives to choose from but you will have to consider a few things before you purchase one for your iMac. Determine how much space you need on the external hard drive to backup your files from the iMac. If you do a lot of downloading on the internet for music files then you have to consider getting a big storage space. Your music on iTunes can accumulate in a short period of time so you know the number of music files will increase in the near future. If you take a lot of pictures then that too will add to the reasons why you will need an external hard drive with a big storage capacity. Determine if the type of external hard drive you aim to purchase is compatible with your iMac. Make sure to read the product information first or ask the sales person at the store. Read product reviews for the best brand that users trust to use to store their files on.
  2. External hard drive cases. There are pre-installed external hard drives and there are empty hard drive cases that you can consider purchasing for your iMac. The empty hard drive case is basically a case with a power supply, hard drive connector, USB and FireWire ports. The only thing you need is to attach is a hard drive. You can purchase a hard drive and attach it to the hard drive case yourself. The pre-installed external hard drive is a hard drive that is already assembled onto the hard drive case. All you need to do is attach it to your iMac and you can start backing up your files.
  3. Types of connections to consider. The external hard drives connect to your iMac in two ways, one way is by USB (Universal Serial Bus) and the other is by FireWire. Connecting the external hard drive by USB is one of the most common ways of connecting to your iMac. A common complaint heard about the USB is the speed it takes to transfer large files, so this is something to consider. FireWire is commonly used on Mac computers and this is the best way to transfer large files because it works faster than the USB.

These are some of the more significant things you need to consider thoroughly when choosing a backup hard drive for your iMac.


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