How To Choose an Item to Sell on eBay

How many times have you searched for some items to buy on eBay? If you’re interested to buy on eBay, other people are interested in buying items from this auction site, too. And that is very true because this website is now one of the most popular online auction sites. Both the sellers and buyers enjoy the benefits of eBay-ing. Why don’t you use this popular website to earn some bucks?

Most people are usually interested only at the beginning of their eBay selling business. But after a few months of negative results, they give up. Their problem? They did not choose the right items to sell on this online auction site. You don’t have to suffer the same problem as long as you have carefully chosen what items to sell on eBay.

Here are some ideas on choosing items to sell on eBay:

  • Personal Items. These items are ideal for beginners. Collect items that you’ll most likely sell if you’ll have a garage sale. Books, clothes, sports items, collectibles, electronic parts, old electronics, DVDs, CDs, toys, etc. are all salable on eBay. At this point, however, you still need to get the hang of selling online, especially on eBay. You can get the hang of it without spending so much by selling your own items.
  • Interests. What are the things you will enjoy selling on eBay? Most people think that they should give what consumers want the most. Guess what. The consumers want almost all items. So that means even the things you’ll love to sell will most likely sell like hot pancakes on eBay. One of the advantages of choosing the things of your interest is that you will enjoy selling and not make it like a required way to earn extra.
  • Expertise. Sell things that you know a lot about. You may not be interested selling jewelries but you worked for a jewelry shop. You have advanced knowledge on jewelry than other people. Why not use that gained knowledge and sell jewelries?
  • Lots. Are you willing to buy an item worth $1 if its shipping costs $5? Most people will surely be attracted to items priced $1 or less. But they are not willing to spend more for the shipping. Why not sell in lots? Instead of selling used books for $1 each, sell these books in lots. Say, group five Sidney Sheldon novels and sell that as that. Most people will be willing to pay for the shipping if it’s in lots. Other items can be sold in lots, too, like DVDs, clothes, jewelries, and toys.
  • Dropship. This is a great choice for two reasons—you can sell expensive items and sell these without spending so much. The only problem is, you can’t control how the dropshipper will treat your customers. What if they don’t have the item or what if they have packed the item unprofessionally? Your feedback, and not theirs, will suffer.

There is only one rule of a thumb when choosing an item to sell on eBay—ask yourself if you will buy that item for your specified price. If you will, then other people will also be willing to buy your item. Who knows, maybe your items will sell double or even triple on eBay.


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