How To Choose an MSN Address

MSN or Hotmail is a free web mail service offered by Microsoft. Hotmail is very popular and its users come from different parts of the world. With this being said, you can already imagine how choosing an email address can be very challenging. Read on to get tips on how to choose an MSN address.

  1. Take into account the primary use of your email address. In choosing your email address, you have to consider where it will be used. Is it going to be for personal or professional use? For personal use you can get away with using your nickname or adding your favorite cartoon character. For professional use, as much as possible, try sticking with your first and last name to keep it formal and respectable.
  2. Create an email address that can easily be remembered. Emailing is one popular method of keeping in touch, so you want to create an email address that can easily be remembered by the people you give it to.
  3. Add numbers or special characters to your email address. If you have a common name like John Smith, chances are you will really have a hard time creating an email address. Add numbers or special characters like an underscore to make it distinct from all the other johnsmith email addresses that exist. Just don’t affix your Social Security Number or any other personal information to your email address.
  4. Consider the suggestions that MSN is giving you. If you’ve already tried different combinations and variations of email addresses and it still says that they’re taken, MSN will throw in some suggestions for you. Take time to look at these suggestions and you may find one that you can use as your email address.
  5. Create a strong password and make sure to keep it private. This article may be about choosing an email address but the password that you will use is also very important and we just had to squeeze in some pointers about it. A strong password should be at least seven to sixteen characters. Same with the email address, you can add numbers and special characters to your password. It will also be case sensitive so be careful in using uppercase and lowercase letters and make sure that you remember what password you created for your new email address. Don’t give out your password to another person.

Take time in creating an email address because you are likely to use it for quite a long time. Choose an email address that will be timeless, and something that you will not outgrow. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can create an MSN email address that will be one of a kind.


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