How To Choose an Online Event Registration Site

Planning an event is hard, to say the least. There are so many things to do with so little time. From the location to the food to the entertainment, everything needs to be in proper working order. However, the most important parts of the event are the guests. And without them, it will be a very lonely party indeed. Events, whether social or business, should be advertised in newspapers and lifestyle columns in the general area of the party itself. In addition to this, online event registries should be updated since, with the Internet age upon us, more and more people are logging in for businesses. It will also save you the printing costs of having the particulars needed in newsprint and just publish them online. There are many online event registration sites, and this article will show you how to choose an online event registration site.

  1. Online Registration. After you’re done with the event particulars, like location, food, entertainment, venue and theme among others, you should go online and register your event.,, and are good websites to register your event. For ticket sales, it is recommended that you use EventBrite, as they are PayPal supported and ticket prices can be flexible to your needs. Online Registration is important so that people from far away can RSVP to your location, being able to send their particulars – such as is they are bringing a guest – to you, or the event planner. If the event, for example, is a wedding, use as they have a lot of plans for weddings, birthdays, and even their own store where you can receive gifts from people.
  2. Email marketing. The best thing about online event registration sites is email marketing. Rather than having to wait for days for the RSVP, email marketing makes sending templates of invitations and reservations. You can easily put in all particulars. If, say, the motif is a luau, then you can ask for a Hawaiian attire simply by putting it in your email. With a mass messaging system for most online event registries, it will be easy for you, giving you more time to prepare.
  3. Payments. If your event has a ticket price, then regonline is the website for you. They have, by far, the most flexible online payment system available. From credit cards to PayPal and even your own personal gateway, they can accommodate anything that is given to them. Other sites like also have very good flexible payment schemes and they get as low as 3% of the fee, making it a good bargain.

Event planning has never been easier with the use of computers and the Internet. However, since there are some people who do not check their emails regularly, they might not be able to find out about the latest updates about your event like cancellations or venue changes. It would be a good idea to have their phone numbers ready so that you can call them as any changes occur. Still, Online Event Registration is the best way to manage your event.


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