How To Choose Tracking Software

Whether for protection, productivity, quality, quantity, business, or personal use, tracking software is almost as indispensable as the Internet is in everyday life.

There are many tracking software titles out now for you to choose from to suit your purpose:

Free Program for tracking time. There's a lot of freelancers and business professionals that need a good way of tracking time and keeping time logged on projects. There's good program called Time Edition at that's really simple with really cool features, too. This program is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac so it's really accessible for users out there. You simply add the name of your customer or vendor, assign a color to name, add your project name, calculate the projected time for your project's beginning and completion, complete field for your tasks, hourly rate, and you can just keep adding as you go along.

Tracking service for tracking keywords and Geo's.  This is called budurl, which breaks down complicated urls into bite-sized urls. They can track web traffic volume for you and geographic location of the websites you visit. Simply type in a very tedious url and click the "Shrink It" button and it does just that for you and takes you to an affiliate url. Register for free and begin tracking traffic and geographical locations of those coming through the links you specify. You can track up to 250 urls if you are a free member.

Tracking software for Internet activity. This is called Spector Pro, which you can purchase at $99.95. This software tracks and monitors online searches, chat activity on Myspace, Facebook, Wwitter, email received and sent, websites visited, keystrokes made, and file sharing. An added feature is a visual play-by-play of these actions while they are taking place. This program is ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on the Internet activities of their young children.

Tracking software to track a remote computer. If you think your partner is cheating behind your back while he is at work, this software is for you. The eBlaster, available for $99.95, immediately forwards and furnishes you with email and chat from the computer being tracked.

Tracking software for cars. Find your car anywhere in the United States with the state-of-the art NavIQ software on retail for $175.00. Track and monitor car theft, your fleet activity, your route activity, and even your children who are behind the wheel.

Tracking software for cell phones. Get one or all of the FlexiSPY products to help you monitor incoming and outgoing calls, phone numbers dialed, incoming and outgoing text and picture messages, and recordings made 24/7.

Tracking software for bugs.  Many people (and big companies) swear by Bugzilla's defect tracking system, which allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. This system when employed generally enhances productivity, improves communication flow, makes customers happy and satisfied, and reduces downtime. You can get this for free as well.

Choosing your tracking software has been made very easy with free software on the Internet. There also those which you get for a fee as seen on this article. However, you have to see that at the end of the day, it is your peace of mind that matters most so choose one that won't disappoint you or let you demand your money back.


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