How To Clean Harmful Files, Adult Content from Your PC

Your Internet browsing history, together with the cached information, is stored in your computer. So it goes without saying that whenever you view adult materials online, whether on purpose or accidentally, every piece of evidence is traceable. And if all the evidence is discovered, you are in for trouble. The possibilities are enormous, but the most likely things to happen include great humiliation, slighted reputation, dismissal from work, and marital problems. Not only that, adult content also sometimes comes with harmful files, which could also cause damaging effects to your computer. But there are ways to clean your computer of harmful files and adult content. Here they are.

  1. Clear your Internet browsing history. This of course depends on your Internet browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, for instance, go to Tools. On the drop-down menu, choose Delete Browsing History. A dialog box will appear, detailing five erasable categories. You can delete temporary Internet files, cookies, history, form data, and passwords. Click on the Delete all button if you like to delete the contents of all five categories. For Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools, and on the drop-down, click on the Clear Recent History button. This will launch a dialog box, asking you to choose the time range to clear. You have five options: Last Hour, Last Two Hours, Last Four Hours, Today, and Everything. Choose Everything to delete all stored information, including browsing and download history, form and search history, cookies, cache, and active logins. Then click on the Clear Now button to start the deleting process.
  2. Delete files from your computer. Another option is to manually delete all adult contents and harmful files from your computer. Clear your Download folder and every other folder in which porn materials are saved. Then right click the Recycle Bin icon and choose Empty Recycle Bin. Then recheck your computer for other folders and files you missed to delete. Check Windows Media Player, Photoshop, and other applications as well.
  3. Get a cleaning software program. Perhaps the best way to delete all adult contents is to acquire a software program. There are lots of versions available in the market today. But generally they all work to protect your privacy by deleting pictures, videos, chat history, urls, and other related files from your computer. When a person tries to access your computer, therefore, no trace of your Internet activity will be available for scrutiny. This type of software of course comes with a tag price, although some can be downloaded for free. But in the long run, paying for your privacy is way better than having to endure the trouble that goes with accessing porn materials.

If you decide to buy a cleaning program, make sure to first read product reviews. This will ensure you that the product of your choice will deliver the result you want. Choose the reviews written by experts and not the ones written as a marketing strategy so that you can get objective and honest assessment of the product.


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