How To Clean Up a Computer’s Hard Drive

Your hard drive is storage for everything you use on the computer. It stores your programs, documents, notes, videos, music, software updates and much more. After some time you will find there isn’t much free space on your hard drive. This could slow down your computer. You might need to do a little housecleaning on your hard drive and may need to clean out those unnecessary files eating up much of the hard drive’s memory.

Here are some ways to clean and free up space on your hard drive.

Execute the Disk Cleanup utility. Go to Start and click My Computer. At the My Computer window right-click on the C: drive and select Properties at the bottom. At the Properties window, click on the Disk Cleanup button. This will remove Temporary Internet Files, Downloaded Program Files, and Temporary files. You may choose from the options list which ones to clean out. Although this won’t free up a considerable amount of space, it does basic cleaning.

Take out the trash in your Recycle Bin. Check your Recycle Bin and make sure to empty out your deleted files. Although you may have deleted some files on your computer, it goes straight to your Recycle Bin waiting for you to decide whether you really don’t need them anymore or may need to restore later on. Once you’ve decided on the deleted files you don’t need, select and click Empty the Recycle Bin option on the left side of the window. This will permanently remove your deleted files from your computer.

Put files you don’t immediately need on a CD. Go through your hard drive and look for files you haven’t accessed in a while and move them to a CD. There are always documents or files on our computer that we don’t regularly use. Pictures, videos, music files, uses up so much space on the hard drive you may want to transfer them to a CD for later use.

Go over your programs and remove the ones you don’t need.
You may find old programs on your computer that you haven’t used for some time and can do without. Go to the Start Menu and click Control Panel. Select Add or Remove Programs and look over each currently installed program and decide which ones to remove. Once you’ve found the ones you don’t need select it and click Remove. These programs will be uninstalled from your computer.

These are some steps to clean up your hard drive and free up space. Your computer’s efficiency will benefit greatly if your computer is maintained well and organized.

Quick Tip:

Some files may not need to reside on your hard drive so store them on CDs or DVDs for larger files.

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