How To Clear an AOL Search History

AOL saves your search history so that you can easily and quickly access all the sites you have visited before. But if you are worried about other people tracking your Internet activities, you can clear your AOL search history. This is important to protect your privacy, especially if you are sharing the computer with other people. Clearing AOL search history is a simple process, and you can do this by carrying out any of the following.

  • Delete through the Security setting. Launch the AOL Explorer by opening your browser. The toolbar will come right up. Click the “Security” tab. This will show the options you can clear. Choose “Select All” to clear all of the entries in your AOL search history.
  • Delete from your browser. You can also clear your search history through your browser. For instance, if you are using Internet Explorer, simply go to the “Tools” menu. Then, select “Delete Browsing History.” When the dialog box opens, click on the “Delete history” button. A dialog box will appear, asking if you are sure to do the action; click “Yes” and “Close” after. If you want to delete other items, like temporary internet files, cookies, form data, and passwords, simply click on the delete button next to the options. Click “Yes” and “Close” again. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, open the “History” menu. On the pop-down menu, choose “Show All History.” The Library screen will appear, where all of the websites you visited are listed. Highlight all the items. Right-click and choose “Delete This Page.”
  • Delete your footprints. On the AOL Explorer toolbar, go to “Settings.” Then, select “Internet Options.” Click on the “Clear My Footprints” tab. After this, click on the “Select Footprints to Clear” button. You will be allowed to choose the item you want to clear: browsing history, cookies, browser cache, or blocked pop-up list. Simply click on the button next to the options to clear any or all of them. Then, click “Clear the Selected Footprints.” Press the “Close” button after.
  • Delete from the Toolbar options. On the AOL Toolbar, right next to the Surfometer—the counter that shows the number of pages you viewed—click on the Toolbar options icon. Then, select “Toolbar options.” This will launch the Toolbar Settings box. Click on the “Search Settings” tab. Under the “History” section, click on the “Clear search history” button. Press the “Close” button after.

If you do not want AOL to save a record of the browsing history, you can turn off its search history function. Do this by clicking on the Toolbar options icon. When the Toolbar Settings box shows up, click on the “Search Settings” tab. On the “History” section, uncheck the “Save search history” box. Click on the “OK” button after. Another way of doing this is by going to the AOL toolbar. Find “Settings” on the left side of Search field, then click on it. Select the “Search” tab. Next, uncheck the “Enable search history” box. Save the setting by clicking on the “Save” button.


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