How To Clear Computer RAM Memory

Temporary Internet files and cookies flooding your computer do not always cause a slow computer. There are occasions that it is the RAM that causes it. A problematic RAM causes programs to stop or 'hang'. When this happens it only means that the computer’s RAM is overloaded.

This happens because RAM, or Random Access Memory, is responsible for holding data for programs that are running. So any moment that it is overloaded, the memory allotted to each program decreases resulting to a slow down. Here are some tips on how to clear your computer’s RAM.

  • Make space. To make a quick fix on the overloaded RAM, close some running program. To do so, right-click the program window and choose Close. Doing so frees up some portion of the memory. This will ease the load over the RAM. Keep closing programs until your computer responds much faster. However the operating system will still take up a lot of space. Shutting down is of big help in cases like this.
  • Total recall. After shutting numerous programs your computer will still be slow. The best way to remedy this is to shut down the computer. You can shut down your computer the conventional way. But you can also toggle CTRL+ALT+DEL. Hold this keyboard combination to force quit your computer. Shutting down your computer will reset all memory used. So remember that’s CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  • Patience running low. Slow computers will most definitely wear your patience down. Nothing gets to you worst than a slow moving mouse cursor trying to crawl its way around the monitor. You can shut down your computer by pressing down the power button for three seconds. Pressing the power button is a very quick but crude fix to slow RAM.
  • Patience is not your virtue. If the first few tips do not work for you, this will perhaps do the trick. If your computer is slow because of an overloaded RAM, locate your computers power cord. Follow it to check where the cord is connected. Then upon seeing the plug where the cord is connected double check. If you are certain, pull the plug out. Your computer will shut down in no time at all. Your convenience will also come at a cost though. When you run your computer again, it will ask you that you operate in safe mode since you shut it down in the wrong manner. But at the very least, your RAM is free once more and ready to work.
  • Don’t cram the RAM. The RAM overloaded problem will persist. As long as you keep using your computer in such a manner. There is a solution to that. Upgrade. You can go to your nearest computer shop and ask for details and specs to match your computer with the upgrade you are about to purchase. Upon purchase, install it so you can use it already. With a new expanded memory, your RAM has now enough memory to take on your multitasking ways.

The RAM is very important part of any computer. Make sure you always it clear so you can use your device with little or no hitch at all.


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