How To Clone a Hard Drive Using Acronis

Losing important files is sometimes inevitable. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, machine errors, and human errors can delete important files in seconds. The only way to protect important files is by backing them up. Acronis True Image is one of the best software programs used for backing up and recovering data. Try it now and use it for cloning your hard drive.

With Acronis, cloning a hard drive will be easy. The hard drive can be cloned to an external drive, CD, DVD, and a larger drive. Choose which of these media-saving options is the best and follow the steps below. But before that, download the Acronis True Image’s free trial version first. Install the application and it will be ready to use after that.

To External Drive

  • Open the Acronis program. From there, click the “Backup” option.
  • Select drive or partition. This has to be the drive or partition that you want to be backed up. By default, the drive C: is marked.
  • Choose external hard drive. The “Backup Archive Location” window will appear. From there, uncheck the folder “My Computer” and select the drive for external hard disk.
  • Create folder for the backup. At the bottom of the “Backup Archive Location” window, you will find the line for “Folder.” Type in your desired folder name on that line and click “Next.”
  • Select how the drive should be backed up. Another window will appear and this will let you choose among the three options. Choose the “Create a new full backup.” Click “Next.” Preferably, use the default options but you can explore the options and customize them. Click “Next.”

Cloning of the hard drive will start after clicking “Next.”

To Another Hard Drive

  • Create a bootable disc. This is a special Acronis disc for booting up. Boot from this disc and then use the “Clone Disk” option. This will clone the source drive to your new drive.
  • Connect the second drive. Manual Mode should be used for cloning. Delete the partitions on the second drive, which is also the destination drive. So, make sure that there is no important data saved in this drive or else, those will be erased.
  • Set the source. The “Old Hard Disk Usage” window will appear and from there, choose the “Keep Data” option. This option will keep the data in the source drive so you can still use it after cloning.
  • Choose the method. The Moving Method window will appear and will let you choose among “Proportional,” “Manual,” and “As Is” method.
  • Follow and complete. The next steps will be guided by a wizard. Simply follow the wizard until the process is completed.

Take not to disconnect the source drive during the first boot. Windows will be confused if there are two similar drives in the computer. This might result to hard drive error and none of the drives will be bootable.


Follow the same steps as cloning a hard drive to external hard disk. Only choose CD/DVD drive instead of the external hard disk drive.

When it comes to important data, you can never be too sure of your clones. So, if possible, create more than one clone of your hard drive. You will be thankful you made more copies.


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