How To Combine Multiple Documents into One PDF

There are many reasons why you need to know how to combine a series of documents into a single PDF file. One reason is if you have written an eBook and you need a way to send it to your clients. A PDF file makes it easier to send your file as an attachment to your customers. Furthermore, it is easier to attach pictures and graphs to your PDF file, making your document very interesting to the reader. You can use Adobe Acrobat in order to make a PDF file which can combine files such as .pdf, .xls or .doc. This comes really handy when you need to compile many different documents that are saved in different ways. Knowing how to do this will enable you to merge your accounting reports that are saved as Excel documents along with your regular Word documents.

Here are the steps that you should take to combine multiple documents into one PDF:

  • Convert your Word document into a PDF document. In order to convert a Word document into a document that would classify as a PDF document, you need to find online software that does this for you. Most of the available programs for converting your Word file into a PDF file are free and there are many choices to choose from. All you need to do is to type ‘convert Word to PDF’ in your search engine of choice and a list should come up quick.
  • Open the document file as a PDF. Upon opening the file in the PDF form, you will see the Adobe Acrobat window opening. Click on the plus sign that is colored green on the menu bar and choose Combine Files. You can then wait for the Combine Files window to drop down.
  • Click ‘Add files’ and select which files you would like to combine. Add all the files you wish to combine and after you have finished going through your list of files that you want to combine you can then click the button named ‘Next.’ Upon clicking ‘next,’ the drop down window that said ‘combine files’ now alters into a prompt that will give you a couple of options to merge files. It will also list the files you have selected to create a combined file.
  • Create a combined or merged file. You can go through the different choices you have and create a combined or a merged file. Upon selecting which particular created file you want, you can save the file in any location in your computer as a combined file.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to combine different documents into one PDF file. This comes in handy when you have a lot of files you want combined for a lot of different reasons such as summarizing a month’s worth of office reports, making a monthly summary of different invoices or filing all your different documents according to topic or month. You will not need to buy expensive software that converts your files to PDF if you know how to do this yourself.


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