How To Combine Paths in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a software program used by graphic designers around the world. People use it to design projects, web projects, and video projects. Many people prefer it because of its precision. You can make sophisticated drawings with the use of Adobe Illustrator’s drawing tools and natural brushes. Adobe Illustrator uses a designing feature called path. These paths are anchors that you will use to connect path segments.

There are steps that you can follow to select and combine paths in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Open the file. First, you have to open your Adobe project file window. From the project file, open the file you that want to work with.
  • Connect Overlapping Points. From the toolbox, click the direct selection tool. Other designers also call it the white arrow tool of the Adobe Illustrator. If you prefer to use a keyboard shortcut, press CTRL + “A” so that an arrow will replace your cursor. For Mac computer users, the shortcut is COMMAND + “A”. Click on the areas where you want to place your points.
  • Connect the points. Choose the direct selection tool from the toolbar. Place the direct selection tool over the first point. Drag it to the second point where you want to connect it.
  • Lasso it up. Choose the lasso tool from the toolbox. Select the overlapping points with the use of the lasso tool.
  • Align the points with precision. Go to the tool bar located at the top of the Adobe Illustrator window. Choose the word object from the menu. For your next step, choose the path option. A new set of options will turn up. Choose the average option. Choose the two options under average by clicking the checkbox before each option. This will make the points rest directly on top of the other.  
  • Combine two paths using a line or corner. From the lists of tools found at the left side of your screen, select the direct selection tool or, as others call it, the white arrow tool. If you prefer to use the keyboard shortcut, just press CTRL + A, and wait for an arrow to replace your cursor. If you are using a Mac computer, the shortcut is COMMAND + A.
  • Have a better view. You may zoom in on the picture for easier viewing and access. Zoom through the project by pressing CRTL + space bar, or COMMAND and space bar if you are using a Mac computer.
  • Create a free hand selection. Click on the points that you chose. Go to the tool bar. Select the option object from the menu. Click the menu option paths. Next, choose the join option. Once you clicked on the join option, you may choose to combine the points by using a straight line or a corner.
  • Take your pick. Choose between segments and corners. To join points using a line segment, click the join option and just select smooth. To connect the points using a corner, select the join option, and click corner.

If you want to master the process of combining paths in Adobe Illustrator, you must always practice. With this list and constant practice, you will be able to harness your skill in combining paths in no time.


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