How To Compare Antivirus Software Packages

As you would have noticed by now, a lot of companies would try to do everything just to have your money. They will make false claims, use vague language and the ever so sneaky fine print just to catch your attention, win you over and in the process, get your hard earned cash. To make sure that you don’t get duped into making an impulse buy when it comes to antivirus software, it is important to take things slow and be aware of all the things to be considered.

Here’s how you compare antivirus software packages:

  1. Know what you’re getting. Some companies would be bundling up their programs and other services to entice more people to buy. For instance, one company would be offering a malware detection program along with their e-mail scanner and antivirus software. This may seem a lot but some other companies may just be selling one program but the product could very well do all the things that the other products could do.
  2. Look at their recommendations. Most companies would label their products if it’s for home or business use. Obviously, the business packages would have a lot more security features than those in the home feature. Take into consideration the function that your system will have. Business packages are always more expensive than home systems since there’s more work that was put into them.
  3. Compare testimonials and reviews from third party websites and objective blogs and forums. It’s very likely that these companies are hiring spin doctors and ghost writers to come up with reviews that would favour their products so don’t believe all the hype that you read on their official website. Instead go to neutral territory and see how they measure up against those who have used their products. Go to online forums and blogs and see if there really is some substance to the claims of the company.
  4. See if they have good tech support. They programs may fail you one day you may need their technical support crew to help you pick up the pieces.
  5. Look at the price. At the end of the day, if all things are equal, the price should be the determining factor. Everybody wants the maximum bang for their buck. By buying the cheaper product, you also exert pressure on the market to lower their prices. This makes the competition between companies even stiffer and drives them to produce better products at more affordable prices.

Comparing packages shouldn’t be that hard. Just be well read with the things that you find online but take everything with a grain of salt. Not all the things that you read are true.


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