How To Compare Peachtree Vs. QuickBooks

Accounting software makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their sales, inventory, payroll and other functions related to accounting and bookkeeping. Investing in good accounting software is a must so you can efficiently manage your growing business. QuickBooks and Peachtree are two of the more popular accounting software options in the market today.


Peachtree, now owned by Sage, has been around a long time. It keeps track of basic accounting procedures (sales, inventories, expenses, and cash management) just like Intuit’s QuickBooks. However, if your business is expected to grow from a small scale enterprise to a medium sized business, QuickBooks can help you with the transition effortlessly. This software from Intuit not only offers the basics but it also has the following features:

  • Invoice preparation
  • Payroll subscriptions
  • Credit Card transactions
  • Customizable financial reporting

One feature going for Peachtree is in the area of fixed asset management. Peachtree is better able to keep track of business’ capital (whether it is supplies, machinery, office or building space or account holdings) as compared to QuickBooks.

As far as interfacing with other programs, both the databases of QuickBooks and Peachtree can easily be imported and exported to Excel.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Not all accounting functions especially in small businesses are handled by accountants. Therefore, the software you choose for keeping your books should be fairly easy to understand and navigate. QuickBooks has a friendly user interface and is quite easy to learn. Whether you are computer savvy or not learning QuickBooks is not that difficult. The menus and screens are generally self-explanatory. Peachtree’s layout is appealing and it offers many different customizable templates. It is great for small businesses that are starting out. Like QuickBooks, it is not difficult to learn. But in the end, QuickBooks leads in terms of ease of use. The learning curve is slightly steeper for Peachtree.


QuickBooks is considered “the leader in the accounting software industry.”  It offers strong customer support. QuickBooks consultants can be found in their website. Plus, since it is a favorite of most universities, you can find Internet consultants easily.


Both QuickBooks and Peachtree are fairly priced accounting software programs. The basic Peachtree package is $2,850 for 5 users. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 sells for $3,000 for 5 users or $2,400 for an upgrade version. Do note that both QuickBooks and Peachtree have its own variants or editions and the cost will depend on which particular edition you choose and how many licenses you will need.

Visit the websites of Peachtree and QuickBooks to learn more about both accounting software. Your choice between the two popular programs will inevitably depend on the type of accounting and bookkeeping functions your business performs. Some functions present in Peachtree may not be as essential to your business as the ones present in QuickBooks. Each has its own merits. If they have trial versions, it may be wise to take advantage of this offer so you can better compare the two accounting programs before you choose one for your business needs.


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