How To Compare Types of Solution Center

If you own a personal computer (PC) or a laptop, it is important that you know the Solution Center that can help you if and when you encounter a problem with your PC or laptop. Normally, manufacturers have their own version of a solution center. Even operating systems provide their solution services like: RedHat, Windows, etc. Plus you can find an online solution community that can help you with any problem that you may encounter.

Here is a list of solution services:

  1. Windows Security Center (currently known as Action Center) is an integral part of Microsoft's Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems that provide users with a capacity of viewing the computer security settings and services status. Windows Security Center continuously monitors the security settings, and informs the user through a pop-up message balloon if a problem occurs. It has been renamed Windows 7’s Action Center, where it now encompasses maintenance and security. The Windows Security Center has three major components--control panel, Windows Service and an application programming interface made available by Windows Management Instrumentation. The security settings are monitored and divided into different categories. They are displayed with different background colors: light blue (green with Vista), red or yellow. If a category has a green or blue background, it indicates a “healthy” setting in the category. A background of yellow usually signals settings not being monitored in that category. Lastly, a background in red signals the presence of a problem, possibly exposing the computer to a lot of threats.
  2. HP Application Security Center (ASC) is a collection of solutions that enables developers as well as quality assurance teams and security experts to successfully perform web application remediation and security testing. This security solution for web application helps find and fix security problems for web applications that may be stumbled upon during the software development lifecycle. Being able to find security vulnerabilities early on can save you a significant amount of time and money.

Unlike other solutions to problems like homework solutions or physics solutions, we cannot do a direct comparison with the solution services. The choice of which solution to use greatly depends on what product best suits your PC or laptop. Finding a problem solution may not be easy, but knowing what you are using will be a great help. If you know the version of your Operating System as well as the manufacturers of your product, you can find solutions to your problems online.

Usually customer service is found on the company’s website. If the problem you have encountered is not found on the official website of the company, you can find possible solutions in forums that are available online. A lot of expert users and programmers share their knowledge and can assist you with any trouble that you may be encountering. Whether your problem is hardware trouble like CD error or Lexmark printer error, you can call for help from the experts that are online.


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