How To Complete Data Analysis in Excel 2007

Microsoft’s Office 2007 Suite is one of the most useful sets of applications and has a wide variety of uses in practically all fields. It is such an essential suite that everyone–from high school students to researchers in the most demanding professions–has a need for it.

If there’s one part of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite that can be considered as consistently under-utilized and not being maximized for its potential to help in various applications, it would be Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet program is a familiar application, but it is more than just a handy application for helping people organize information or data in an orderly manner. Microsoft Excel has hidden functions and abilities that make it essential in performing other specialized functions. For example, you can actually use Microsoft Excel 2007 to perform data analysis.

Data analysis with Microsoft Excel 2007

With Microsoft Excel 2007’s data analysis function, you can use the application to perform various statistical calculations without much difficulty. There is no more need to remember different kinds of formulas or reform various calculations that are too time-consuming to do otherwise. All of these will be done by Microsoft Excel.

But, in order to do data analysis on Microsoft Excel 2007, you have to install the free Analysis ToolPak first. This free add-in contains all of the necessary commands and tools needed to perform data analysis. Installing the Analysis ToolPak is actually very easy.

  1. Open the Microsoft Excel 2007 application.
  2. Click the Microsoft Office button that is found on the left side of the application.
  3. Click on Excel Options.
  4. Look for “Add-ins” and then click on “Go.”
  5. You will see a list that includes Analysis ToolPak. Select it by clicking on the check box and click OK. Analysis ToolPak will automatically be installed on your version of Microsoft Excel 2007.
  6. If you want to verify if Analysis ToolPak has been successfully installed on Microsoft Excel 2007, go to Excel, open a new document and then click on the “Data” tab. If you are able to see Data Analysis under the Data tab then it means the Analysis ToolPak has been successfully installed.

With the inclusion of the Data Analysis command in Microsoft Excel, you will be able to easily perform various statistical functions. Some of the functions that can be performed include Moving Average, Correlation, Descriptive Statistics, Regression, ANOVA (in both Single Factor and Two Factor), t-tests, and other important statistical concepts.

Using the Data Analysis function is quite easy. Take for example the calculation for Regression. All you need to do is to click on Data Analysis, then click on Regression. Simply follow the steps in adding values and Microsoft Excel 2007 will already calculate Regression. There’s no more need to find the Regression formula, input the values and then manually calculate it. The Data Analysis function will do it already.

The Data Analysis function is just one of the many add-ins that you can install in Microsoft Excel 2007 that will help make work or research easier for anyone. Learning it would be a great way to process data without tedious computations and calculations.


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