How To Configure Fingerprint Reader Software

There are a lot of laptops and other devices that make use of fingerprint reader applications. Fingerprint reader software is now being incorporated into laptops as a way for you to sign in using your fingerprints. Computers usually have passwords that you have to know in order for you to open the system. This is a good way to protect your computer, but there is still a chance that someone may hack into the computer. By using fingerprint reader software, there is no chance that another person will be able to access your files, as your fingerprints are unique. You can configure the settings of fingerprint reader software the first time you operate the product. Usually, there will be a window that is going to be displayed. You just have to follow the prompts and answer the questions on the screen in order to finish your set up.

Here are the steps in configuring your fingerprint reader software:

  1. When the window for the fingerprint reader software appears, choose the option to create a new password and enroll your fingerprints. You will then be asked to enter your username and password. Provide these details and proceed with the configuration by pressing "Next".
  2. Once your username and password have been verified, the user enrollment screen will appear. On this screen you will have to choose two fingers that you would like to enroll. Fingerprints that have red dots are already enrolled in the program.
  3. Get ready to enroll your fingerprint. Place your fingertip above the sensor, and lightly touch the sensor and swipe your finger in a swift motion. You must swipe your finger three times in order for the fingerprint to be entered in the software.
  4. Do the same steps for the other finger.
  5. Once you have successfully enrolled the fingerprints, you can click the "Next" button.
  6. The power on security screen will appear. This is the screen where you will select if you are making use of power on passwords. A list of the enrolled fingerprints is going to appear. Choose the finger that you want to be used as your power on password.
  7. You can restart your system once the setup has been completed. Try to see if the setup that you configured will work by testing your fingerprints.

This is one of the ways to configure your fingerprint reader software on your computer. There are different types of fingerprint reader software available, and not all of them have similar configurations as the steps shown above. If you computer has a different set up, you just have to follow the steps on the screen in order for you to successfully configure your fingerprint reader software. You can also choose to read the manual or click on the "Help" button if you are still having trouble in configuring your computer. There are also some tutorials online that may help you understand how to configure your fingerprint reader software.


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