How To Connect a Wireless Adaptor to the Ethernet

Want to connect your wireless adaptor to the Ethernet for some worry-free networking for your laptop? A wireless internet or Local Area Network (LAN) connection will keep you from being bound by the cords of your laptop, and it'll also give you the freedom to work anywhere within the range of your wireless routers. Wireless laptop working is a great convenience, and with a few simple steps and a wireless Ethernet card, you'll be able to enjoy the ease and comfort a wireless connection can bring. Here's how to connect your wireless adaptor to the Ethernet and wireless LAN:

1. Check your equipment. First of all, you'll need to check whether or not you've got everything required for connecting your wireless adaptor to the Ethernet. Most laptops these days come with wireless cards, but if you've got an old hand-me-down laptop or something similar, you may need to purchase an external wireless adaptor. You'll also need a cable or DSL modem for your Internet connection. Lastly, you'll need a wireless router to connect to. Wireless routers, as well as everything else that's just been mentioned, can be bought at nearly every computer store.

2. Set your router up. When you open your wireless router's box, you should find a set of instructions that comes along with it. The instructions include a list of system requirements and safety precautions, aside from the typical how to's. Read these instructions carefully to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your installation.  Next, grab one end of your Ethernet cable and plug it into your cable or DSL modem. This shouldn't be too complicated, as the slot for your Ethernet cable is much bigger than the slot for your modem's phone slots. Take the other end of your Ethernet cable and connect it to your wireless router. Look for the slot that connects to your modem (it should be labeled) and plug the cable in. Your router should also have a power cord - you'll need to plug that in as well.

Once everything's connected, you'll need to install your router's software into your computer. Wireless routers usually come with a software CD that contains the drivers and other programs they need to run smoothly. Insert the CD into your computer and follow the instructions for installation. Once everything's ready, you'll then be able to connect your laptop's wireless adaptor to the Ethernet.

3. Connect your laptop. Again, check to see if your laptop has any built-in wireless cards, or if you'll need an external wireless adaptor. Those with a built-in wireless adaptor should have no problem finding your wireless router's connection, and you should be surfing the Internet and networking in no time. If you're using an external wireless adaptor, though, you may need to install additional drivers on your laptop to get things working. Just like wireless routers, a wireless adaptor should come with an installation CD. Follow the installation instructions carefully, and you'll be able to connect your laptop to the Ethernet.

Enjoy your wire-free, worry-free networking!


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