How To Control Cable Boxes from a PC

Technological advancement has come to an all time high these past years. During the 1950s, there were only four television networks in the United States. Transmission of frequencies was prearranged for television sets, and because the signals could only be received when it was in the line of vision of the broadcasting antenna, people who lived in remote areas, especially those in the mountainous areas, were not able to view the programs that were being televised. They solved this problem by putting up antennas on mountains and hills and running cables to their houses. This method is still used even up to the present time, although there is already a better solution to this problem, which is the use of cable systems.

Today, there are over a hundred channels being delivered to more than sixty million homes using cable systems, which can also provide Internet to its subscribers. Before, only television sets could be used to receive the frequency that the cable system transmitted. Now, you can access cable through your PC using a control cable. A cable box and PC can work together through a control protocol, allowing you to control your cable box from a computer.

Here are the steps:

  1. The first thing that you have to make sure is if your PC has a TV tuner. You can do this by checking the box with PC specifications. It is normally listed as one of the features of the PC when you purchase one. This is important so that your PC can be connected to your cable box. Otherwise, it will not work since your PC needs to have a receiver that can accept the frequency transmitted by your cable box.
  2. Insert tuner card into the video-card slot of your computer.
  3. Make certain that you have a controller cable. It is important that you know what that is before you purchase one because there are a variety of cables out in the market such as: telefex cable and boat steering cable used for marine steering, loading clamps, etc.
  4. Connect the video source’s coaxial cable to the “Input” outlet found at the back of your cable box.
  5. Then, connect the cable connector from your cable box’s back to the TV tuner connector.
  6. Connect the audio video cable from the cable box to the input of the TV.
  7. Make sure you use a conduit to hide your wires.

By doing the steps above you can already control your cable box from your PC.

Standard formats used by the Internet such: as .avi, .mp4 and 3gp could now be used by cable companies to supply programs onto your homes with the new technology that is being developed today. With this technology, you could easily run video software, such as Windows Media Player or an exclusive program provided by the cable company, to watch a TV program on a personal computer, game console or box with iPhone. With so much technological advancement, it will not be a surprise if it will happen sooner than we expect. Surely, you can watch your favorite TV shows from anywhere through any available medium that is accessible to you.


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